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It's official: Greece is opening on the 14th of May

The Minister of Tourism for Greece announced that Greece will open for tourism on the 14th of May, which is welcome news for all of us who have missed the country’s turquoise blue waters, rugged islands, ancient ruins and warm hospitality.  There is no better way to experience Greece's spectacular coastline and countless coves, bays and beaches than on a yachting holiday.

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Financing your Superyacht: What are the Best Options?

Buying a superyacht is no small undertaking. From the shipyard and design, to the interior décor and the furnishings there is a huge list of choices and considerations to be made. Having usually chartered a few yachts, or owned smaller yachts before, prospective owners will have some idea of what it is they’re seeking, but long before it’s time to start talking colour palettes and cruising destinations, there are the more pressing decisions to be made, one of which is how to finance the yacht.

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TJB Super Yachts to Accept Major Cryptocurrency Payments

TJB Super Yachts are proud to be accepting all the major cryptocurrencies as payment for superyacht charters and purchases. As the meteoric rise in these safe, efficient and immediate payment options continues, we felt it was imperative to offer this service to our clients. The result means a more stream-lined, no-holds-barred payment process at any time of the day or week.  

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Yacht holidays through historic treasure islands in Greece and Croatia

We highlight our favourite ‘off the beaten path’ treasure islands to reach by yacht, starting with Greece and ending in Croatia. These islands blend history and sailing to provide an enriching experience.

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Strongest Fourth Quarter Sales On Record

Superyacht sales for 2020 have broken records. With stronger than expected sales in the fourth quarter, it proved to be the best performing quarter ever recorded, according to our intelligence platform which gathers real-time information from around the world. Not only did 2020 has the strongest quarter but December 2020, in particular, was also the strongest month ever for superyacht sales. Astounding results given market conditions brought on by the pandemic.

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Working from Sea: Why Charter Yachts are the Office You’ve been Searching for

The last year has seen the world of business move almost completely online. With borders closed, air travel disrupted and the need to be cautious in our face-to-face to encounters, online meetings and remote working have become the new normal. Yet staring at the same four walls days in and day out can get tiresome. A change of scenery can inject some much-needed motivation into remote working, and what could be more scenic than gazing out of the floor to ceiling windows of a superyacht at the glittering blue seascape stretching before you?

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Brexit and Yachting: What you need to know

On 1st January 2021, the United Kingdom ended its transition period and officially left the European Union. The changes that will come about from this separation, and the ripple effects across all industries, will be many. The new legislation is being written where now defunct EU laws are no longer applicable, and there will be a time of settling into the new way of life. What we wanted to know, however, is what changes superyacht owners or prospective owners will see now Brexit has happened. So we called on superyacht legal expert Mark Needham, partner of Hannaford Turner, to walk us through it.

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A New Era of Yachting Trends

An overarching global mission to create ‘One Healthy Ocean’ has infiltrated all aspects of the yachting world, from yacht design to habits and behaviours onboard. Connectivity on yachts has never been better, and as a result, the way we are using and interacting on yachts has changed.

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Had enough? Get away on a Superyacht holiday with our penalty-free cancellation

These unusual times we find ourselves in are seeing rules and regulations change on a daily basis. What is allowed one moment is, in the blink of an eye, seemingly not allowed in the next. Booking a much-needed holiday can be a minefield of concern and anxiety – the total opposite of what a break should be. Will the destination be safe for my family? How will we get there safely? What if the situation changes again and we can’t make it at all, do I lose my money?

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