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Charter FAQs

How Long Can I Charter a Yacht For?

You can choose to charter the yacht for as long as you wish, depending of course on the yacht’s availability. A typical super yacht charter is booked for one or more, however different yachts offer different options. Some yachts are available for either cruising or static day charters and you can even look into hosting an event on board. Other yachts are available for annual charters, for those who wish to enjoy a trip around the world.

Do I Need to Charter the Yacht for the Full Week?

It is customary that you charter your yacht for a full week, but it is not obligatory. You can choose to charter the yacht for less than a week or longer.

Can I Select Which Day of the Week the Charter Will Start?

The date that your charter will start is completely up to you, however this will always depend on the yacht’s availability.

How Do I Calculate the Charter Rate?

Charter rates are always quoted per week. Charters lasting over a week are divided by seven and multiplied by the number of charter days. Charters lasting less than a week are divided by six and multiplied by the number of charter days. Charters usually commence from noon onwards on the first day and terminate by noon on the last day, although this can be altered depending on the needs of the charterer and the availability of the yacht. Some yachts have high season rates that apply to the most popular charter periods and low season rates that apply to all other periods.

What Is Included in The Charter Rate?

Charter rates include the yacht with crew service and all necessary equipment, fully insured for marine risks. The charter rate does not include VAT, provisioning, fuel charges, electronic communications, harbour dues, local taxes and specific marina fees. If embarkation and/or disembarkation take place at a different location from the yacht’s home port, delivery/return fees and expenses will also be charged. Read more: Charter Costs Explained.

I Don’t Know Which Yacht to Choose

At TJB Super Yachts, we spend an extensive amount of time travelling the world to inspect the best charter yachts on the market. Our highly experienced team of Brokers have the in-depth knowledge to present you with a hand-picked selection of yachts to meet your needs, requirements and personal taste.

How Can I Book My Charter?

Our team of professional charter brokers are available to help you select the right yacht, plan your itinerary and help arrange all logistics before, during and after your trip. Send an enquiry about the yacht that you are interested in through our online form or contact one of our charter brokers directly.

How Can I Secure the Yacht I Have Selected for Charter?

All charters are subject to a fully executed contract. Once the availability of your chosen yacht has been confirmed, you will receive a MYBA Charter Agreement, defining the terms and conditions, obligations and rights of each party. A deposit of 50% of the total charter fee is required upon signature of the MYBA Charter Agreement in order to confirm your booking. The remaining 50%, plus an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), together with any VAT taxes, delivery/redelivery fees and any additionally agreed charges, is due one month before the charter commences.

What is the Cancelation Policy?

As per the MYBA contract, if you decide to cancel your charter the owner may retain your deposit or the entire charter fee; this depends on the timing you will communicate your cancelation. If you cancel after you have submitted your deposit but before the final instalment is due, the owner is entitled to retain your deposit. If you have already paid the entire charter fee, the owner is entitled to retain the full amount but will return the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA). Should you decide to cancel your charter, make sure to talk to your TJB Super Yachts broker will help liaise with the owner or yacht management company to find an alternative date for your charter.

Can I Select the Itinerary for My Cruise?

Let your broker know the destination you are interested in and they can advise you from there. Yachts are usually located at a specific location, but most of them are available for charter in the wider area, this may require a delivery/re-delivery fee to be agreed. The speed of your yacht, weather conditions and availability in a particular marina are all factors that will determine the exact locations and number of ports that you can visit during your trip. Entering certain countries may be restricted by the yacht’s flag. Also, make sure that you have the appropriate visa permits to enter the countries you intend to visit.

Can I Use All Amenities on the Yacht?

Yes, you can use all amenities on the yacht and enjoy it as if it was your own.

Am I Allowed to Use the Watersport And Scuba Diving Equipment?

In most countries a license is necessary in order to use certain water toys, such as jet skis and wave runners. There may also be an age limit. Certain areas prohibit the use of motorised water toys altogether. To use the yacht’s SCUBA diving equipment, if available, a certified PADI license or equivalent is necessary. If you do not have the required certificates, our team can usually arrange for an instructor to come onboard the yacht during your charter.

Am I Allowed to Smoke Onboard the Yacht?

Smoking is prohibited on board most yachts, however as policies tend to vary from yacht to yacht, please check with your Charter Consultant. As per safety regulations, smoking in cabins is prohibited on all yachts.

How Much Should I Tip the Crew?

Crew gratuities are not obligatory, but it’s customary to leave 10% to 20% of the total charter fee, upon discretion and based on satisfaction. The best way to make sure that all crew members are recognized equally is to entrust the distribution of gratuities to the captain or your charter consultant. Read more: Guidance on Gratuity.

How Many People Are Allowed on Board the Yacht?

The number of guests allowed on each yacht is usually determined by the yacht’s size and number of cabins. On most yachts, the maximum number of charter guests allowed to sleep onboard by law is 12. If you require a yacht that can accommodate a larger party, your Broker will make sure to find you a selection of yachts that are appropriately registered with a larger guest capacity. The number of guests allowed to be on board, while cruising depends on the yacht’s size and safety regulations.

How Do I Make Sure I Have Everything I Need on Board (Food, Wine, etc.)?

Soon after your contract is finalised, your Broker will send you a preference form to begin the planning of the charter. This will include all preferences and special requirements of your guests, covering dietary preferences, medical requirements, information on allergies, activities and entertainment requests. The form will be sent onto the captain of the yacht for the crew to start preparing for your charter. We frequently organise a call between the captain, charterer and Broker prior to the charter to ensure everything is in order.

How Can I Plan for Extra (Tours, Site Seeing, Restaurant Reservations, etc.)?

Just let your Broker know what you’d like to do, and we will work with the Captain and crew to have any arrangements taken care of.

Should I Purchase Charterer Liability Insurance?

Accidents may happen when it’s least expected so it’s always best to be prepared. The Charter Liability insurance provides cover for situations where guests are liable for damage caused to their charter yacht – including the hull, tenders/toys, interior furnishings and other equipment – or to third parties. While as charterers and / or guests you may be covered under the yacht owner’s liability policy, this extra cover allows you to completely relax and enjoy your holiday, knowing you are fully protected when chartering an expensive yacht. Your Broker will put you in touch with TJB Super Yachts’ expert insurance partnership company, who will create a policy to suit your exact needs.

Should I Purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance?

Despite our best intentions, sometimes life gets in the way and we need to cancel our holiday plans. Trip Cancellation Insurance helps to protect a charter travel investment from the unexpected, with affordable premiums and minimal paperwork. As a charterer and/or guest you may cancel your booked trip for any reason and may be reimbursed for part of your pre-paid fee. Your Broker will put you in touch with TJB Super Yachts’ expert insurance partnership company, who will create a policy to suit your exact needs.

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