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    On Board Regulations

On Board Etiquette

A luxury yacht charter is the epitome of a bespoke holiday. With sun, sea and 5-star service it certainly doesn’t get better than this. In order to make sure your yacht charter runs as smoothly as possible, follow a few simple etiquette rules to ensure you are the best guest you can be.

From how to treat the yacht to respecting the crew, here are a few guidelines to follow whilst on board a luxury yacht;


Guests are kindly reminded to leave your shoes in the basket provided at the end of the gangway as they risk damaging the deck.


To keep the rooms clutter free, guest are encouraged to use soft luggage which can be collapsed for stowing as opposed to hard sided trunks.

Children & Childcare

Please let your broker know if you plan to bring young children as not all yachts are family friendly.

Equally do let us know if you would like to bring a nanny / child minder so we can recommend yachts with the most appropriate configuration. Please note that childcare and babysitting does not form part of the crew’s duties.


The more detailed answers you provide in the preference sheet will allow the crew to prepare adequately for your stay, and stock up on your favourite food, snacks and beverages. Guests are kindly reminded to respect the “upstairs/downstairs” rule and not enter crew quarters, including the kitchen.


Some yachts will allow smoking on deck, but most prohibit smoking indoors. Therefore, please let your broker know in advance if you plan to smoke.


In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the service during your stay, we encourage you to alert the captain as soon as possible. Alternatively, please contact your TJB Super Yachts broker at your earliest convenience.


We respectfully like to remind clients that local law applies on the sea, thus illegal drugs and weapons are prohibited on board.

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