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    Charter Crew

Crewed Yacht Charters

To ensure an impeccable level of service, mid-sized yachts typically carry 6-15 crew members, which often exceeds the number of guests onboard. These professional teams, hand picked by the owner, work tirelessly to ensure the privacy and relaxation of you and your party. Aside from tending to every aspect of your charter, crew members are highly trained in safety onboard.


The captain is responsible for the yacht in the absence of the owner. If you would like to amend the itinerary or make unscheduled stops while onboard, the captain will do his utmost to adapt the trip accordingly. For any concerns during the charter please speak to the captain, or contact your TJB Super Yachts broker.

Head Chef

The chef onboard every super yacht is without exception highly skilled in the culinary arts, with some boasting Michelin stars. If you would like to sample an individual chef’s cuisine prior to your charter, please let your broker know.

Any cuisine preferences, likes, dislikes and allergies should ideally be communicated on the preferences form so the chef can stock up on ingredients and plan menus to your liking.

Interior + Deck Crew

The deck crew / deck hands, are primarily responsible for maintaining the operation of the yacht itself and can also assist with any watersports and activities.

Depending on the size of the yacht, some deck hands may also serve as bartenders or waiters in the evening.

The interior crew are responsible for refreshing the cabins and will be best placed to assist with additional towels, pillows or other room amenities.

All crew is at your disposal to make your time onboard as pleasant as possible. For any requests out of the ordinary, speak to the head steward / stewardess who will do their best to accommodate.


A tip is customary at the end of the charter, and is presented to the captain to divide amount the crew. Individual tipping is not advised. The amount should be proportionate to the level of service received, and the industry standard is between 5% - 15% of the base charter fee.

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