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Search and Selection: Finding the right superyacht for you

There is a dazzling array of superyachts on the market at any one time, and pinpointing the perfect one can seem daunting. The team at TJB Super Yachts are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable brokerage experts in the industry. We work with you to determine precisely what type of yacht you’re looking for, and which will create the perfect match. We will ask you the following questions to help us begin our search;

  •  Are you interested in a power or sailing yacht?
  • Where do you plan to berth your yacht?
  •  What interior and exterior styling do you prefer?
  • What yacht length would you prefer?
  •  Where do you plan to cruise?
  • How many guests do you need to accommodate on your vessel?
  • What is your preferred cabin layout?
  • What yacht range do you need?
  •  How many crew will you have on board?
  • What tenders and toys would you like?
  • Do you intend to offer the yacht for charter?
  • What is your budget to buy a yacht?

You may not know the answers, but we’re there to talk you through all the options, highlighting the pros and cons, offering advice and guidance, and creating shortlists and examples to help you make your decision.

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