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Charter and Management

You are now the proud new owner of a superyacht, and it is time to start enjoying it. Before that however, there are some considerations to take into account which will have been discussed before completion, namely charter and yacht management.

Yacht Charter

If you have decided to charter your yacht, then using the services of a Charter Central Agent (CA) will be hugely beneficial. You CA will advise on areas of use, and promote the yacht within the charter market. TJB Super Yachts offer a complete charter package, and have an extensive client list of charterers looking for a wide range of yachts. We will discuss the options with you, identifying factors which will have a bearing on the success you may expect, such as region of use and how much availability you wish to offer.

Yacht Management

Superyachts require different levels of management depending on their size and complexity, and having a dedicated management company is an invaluable resource. It creates a central administrative point, whereby services such as audits, classification, compliance, crew and manning requirements, scheduled maintenance and any refit works are handled with experience and authority.

TJB Super Yachts are well connected in the area of yacht management and we work with key partners who specialise in and can advise on all matters, making owning a yacht a smooth and enjoyable process. We can make recommendations and introductions, working with you to ensure you get the best support package.

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