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Air Charter Service

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TJB Super Yachts is proud to partner with Air Charter Service, offering clients a fully tailored experience, with an emphasis on efficiency, flexibility, and luxury.

Private Jet Travel

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Private jet charter allows the opportunity to be fully in control of your travel schedule, with premium amenities to tailor to any specification and requirements.

A major advantage for private air travel is that you are able to set your own itineraries, fly to your own schedule, and travel directly to your destination without having to incur any stopovers. Pleasure-seekers can indulge in travel with no security lines, no complex boarding procedures and an aircraft that is selected specifically for you and your guests.

Exclusive Access

With access to a global selection of more than 50,000 private aircraft and 130 different types, ACS has the ability to source an aircraft perfectly tailored to your requirements. Privacy and discretion are guaranteed throughout the charter process, so clients can rely on optimum security.

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The Best Prices

ACS’s buying power and reputation allow them to secure the best private jet charter prices, creating the most cost-effective charter flight solution. This individualised service allows clients to connect with commercial flights or fly according to a bespoke timetable, with a dedicated charter consultant available 24/7 to assist with requirements or last-minute changes.

Fully Accessible

TJB is determined to make private travel as accessible as possible. Partnering with a leading private aviation company ensures comfort and effortlessness throughout the whole travel experience.

Creating Synergies

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At TJB Super Yachts, we are developing strong strategic relationships with high-end complementary companies who share our same level of excellent customer service and CSR values.

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