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Full Custom Build Yachts

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Building a full custom yacht to your exact design and specifications is a hugely rewarding undertaking, ensuring you end up with a truly one-of-a-kind superyacht.

Your Custom Yacht Realised

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The process of building a custom yacht is exciting yet challenging. The road from concept to creation can be a long one that involves considerable research and planning. TJB Super Yachts’ team of experts is on hand to guide you, acting as a liaison between designers, shipyards, and architects throughout the full journey.

The New Build Journey

In the initial phase, a reputable yacht designer will bring to life your dream custom boat, drawing on your specifications and requirements, before requesting the expertise of a naval architect, and lastly an interior designer. Together you will create the perfect package.

Along the way, the decision on which shipyard is most suitable will have been discussed. TJB Super Yachts have insider knowledge of all the world’s major shipyards, making regular field visits and staying abreast of the latest in development. They will be able to help advise and negotiate on your behalf, offering you a selection based on budget, a particular field of expertise, or specialist knowledge.

After close consideration between all parties, a final shortlist of shipyards will be made, and a tender process begun. Ultimately, an agreement will be concluded, and a final price established. It is a fascinating and insightful process, with an exciting result. Yet the path can be complex, and the guiding hand of an expert will ensure it remains an enjoyable and fulfilling journey.

One Company, One Complete Service

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