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Semi-Custom Build Yachts

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There are several advantages to choosing a semi-custom built yacht over a fully bespoke build, and the process may be considerably more streamlined.

Your Semi-Custom Yacht Realised

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Shipyards offer a semi-custom platform, whereby clients can choose from a range of interior options and design within the infrastructure of a standardised engineering platform. A semi-custom boat allows you to collaborate with designers to add the one-of-a-kind personal touch, transforming a tried-and-true base into the ideal luxury superyacht. In doing so, the costs can be far reduced in terms of naval architecture, and production times are considerably faster.

In choosing a semi-custom build 35m to 70m superyacht, you will retain the freedom to create a bespoke model with all the personal flair you seek yet reap the financial rewards and time constraints which come with more standardised engineering.

Our Expertise

TJB Super Yachts have exceptional relationships with all the major shipyards and have a deep knowledge of the latest developments in design and engineering. We can provide expert advice on which shipyards will best fit the style of yacht you’re searching for based on their design specialties.

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