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Dale Langan

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Telephone: +61 478 758 448

Languages: English

Position: Charter Broker

Location: Australia

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With decades of experience in marketing, communications, and a background in the UK Armed Forces, I bring a unique set of skills to my role as a yacht broker. My journey into the yachting industry began with a passion for adventure sports and a love for travel. Drawing from my entrepreneurial background, I understand the importance of providing clients with an escape from the pressures of their working lives. It is my goal to ensure they have a remarkable and rejuvenating experience, both onboard and ashore. 

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My passions

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Outside of work, I’m an adventurous outdoorsman and a dedicated family man. An early morning surf-ski in the ocean is my ultimate escape; catching the perfect swell as the sun rises, connecting with nature whilst feeling the surge of adrenaline is truly rejuvenating. Spending quality time with my young family is incredibly important to me. Watching my children grow and learn brings me great satisfaction. To unwind after a long workweek, I enjoy savoring a good gin and tonic. It’s a refreshing way to reflect on the week’s achievements and challenges. 

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When it comes to choosing a yacht charter company, TJB Super Yachts stands out from the rest. Our ethos revolves around delivering a personal approach and providing bespoke services tailored to each client’s needs. As a part of the TJB team, I am dedicated to delivering superlative client service and ensuring that every step of your charter experience is taken care of. From understanding your expectations to managing the charter from start to finish, I am committed to providing exceptional attention to detail and creating unforgettable experiences. 


Add Australia to Your Yacht Charter Bucket List

Experience the unparalleled beauty and adventure of Australia on your next luxury yacht charter.

TJB Expands

Mid-way through 2022, TJB embarked on a significant international expansion and are delighted to welcome new team members in the US, across Europe, and most recently, down-under in Australia.

My favourite cruising destination

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Having travelled extensively and explored numerous yacht charter destinations, I have developed a personal affinity for certain locations. The French Riviera, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand hold a special place in my heart. These destinations offer a perfect blend of scenic beauty, cultural experiences, and recreational activities. Whether you seek the glamour of the French Riviera, the stunning coastlines of Australia, the vibrant marine life of Indonesia, or the exotic islands of Thailand, I am ready to advise and help you create remarkable cruising experiences in these favoured locations.