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Joachim Granelli

Sales and Charter Broker

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Joachim Granelli Sales and Charter Broker

Joachim was introduced to the world of yachting at the age of 5, when his parents would take him along the peer in Mandraki harbour in Rhodes. It was from this moment he dreamt of experiencing these yachts for himself. In his free time, he now sails in Croatia 2 to 3 times a year. However, he has not always been solely involved in yachts. Along with his 25+ years career as an entrepreneur in investment banking, startups, yachts and private jets, Joachim is also a former elite athlete on both regional and national levels in soccer and golf as well as being part of the top 10 players for tennis as a teenager. He believes it is the drive and dedication that he applies to everything he does from his career as a professional athlete to starting his own businesses and now joining the fast-paced team at TJB which has allowed him to grow and develop in the way he has.  Joining TJB Super Yachts is an exciting time and he looks forward to developing new successful relationships based on high integrity and built on trust.

My Contact

Telephone: +46 708 360 550

Languages: Swedish, English, Italian

Location: Malmo, Sweden

His Yachting Expertise

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His entrepreneurial mindset meant he started out renting boats, launching his own yachting company in 2018. The business was a success and he chartered 42 sailing yachts in the first year, and the following year he wanted to expand and launched ilConsigliere, providing a full concierge service to his clients. His love for everything in yachting led him to build a career in something he was hugely passionate about. He now has a fantastic range of clients including a plethora of CEOs on the Stockholm exchange together with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Sweden. He is a highly driven, enthusiastic perfectionist who would never offer a client an option he would not buy if it was his own money, and it is this combination that has brought him to TJB.


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The young vibrant team takes a modern approach to a traditional industry. It is this forward-thinking proactive outlook that is a testament to their successes.

Being part of a team, where I am able to build new connections on a daily basis create lasting relationships and deal with the challenges of the industry with a great team alongside me.

Honesty, loyalty and knowledge from the brokers perspective is the foundation of a perfect super yacht charter.

Croatia. It has everything you need when it comes to the perfect cruising destination. Crystal clear waters, a fantastic archipelago with lots of small secluded bays to anchor in, really nice restaurants with good food, a laid-back atmosphere but also the opportunity to indulge in everything luxury. The historic buildings and architecture, beach clubs and nightlife, as well as amazing sunsets and pleasant cruising range between the islands.

It is hard to choose just one since there are so many but San Lorenzo has really grown in my eyes over the last 10 years and the latest 64 steel ATTILA is a pure sight for the eyes. Their attention to detail, quality of finish, and interior colours both in terms of stone, glass, woodwork and fabrics together with a wonderful design make it my personal top choice.

For me it would be to put together the best of crews because they are the ones who make or break a yachting experience no matter how nice of a yacht you have. Being a coffee geek I definitely would have had installed a La Marzocco espresso machine. In terms of the yacht itself I’m more into the modern design with loads of light and floor to ceiling windows, open air balconies, huge beach club and an interior that makes you feel at home with.

Taking the time to truly understand what you are looking for. Don’t rush into anything and ensure you ask yourself the right questions, give yourself time to process your answers and make sure you really understand your needs. Once you have reflected with the help of your broker you can start to explore the different yachts and narrow down to the yacht that suits you and your preferences.

My friends say that eating at my house is like eating at a 3-star Michelin restaurant so I guess I’m quite good in the kitchen and yes, I love to cook!

Joachim to attend the Nordea Open

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