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Kiran Ubhi

Senior Marketing and Design Executive

After completing a degree in Fine Art, Kiran joins TJB’s as Senior Marketing Design Executive. She is passionate about design and pays great attention to detail. Having worked in Marketing and Design previously, Kiran brings her creative spirit and energy to every project she undertakes. Having travelled all over the world, Kiran has had the opportunity to learn about and experience different cultures. Having always loved everything about the sea and being surrounded by water, Kiran is in her element at TJB, understanding that clients see the world in a different way on a yacht charter.

In addition to her vibrant energy, she is enthusiastic about exploring new destinations around the globe, which drives her desire to grow within the yachting and travel industry.  This makes her passion a valuable asset to the TJB team.

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Languages: English

Position: Senior Marketing and Design Executive

Location: United Kingdom

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