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Megan Cashmore

Charter Broker

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From a young age, Megan grew up alongside her father who made it a goal of his to take the whole family out on the ocean. They embarked on early voyages up the West Coast, as far as North of Alaska and South to Cabo San Lucas. Having grown up on the water, the relocation to Florida was a natural fit and it confirmed her desire to work in the yachting industry. During her college years, Megan took part in various internships with different yachting businesses, and upon graduating she launched her own yachting-related company in South Florida.

Megan enjoys getting her clients on the water because she knows the joy, memories, and once-in-a-lifetime experience that comes with sailing across the beautiful world. As a charter broker, Megan prides herself on helping clients to create lasting memories they will never forget. She understands how hard her clients work and she enjoys being able to assist them in recharging and leaving their charter excited for the next opportunity to get back on the water. Her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for the sector make Megan a key asset to the TJB brokerage.

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Telephone: +1 (801) 726 6188

Languages: English

Location: Florida


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Each individual working in the organization has the desire and passion to ensure that their clients get exactly what they are searching for at the best price. The team works around the clock to ensure that their clients are satisfied and have the finest possible experience.

I truly enjoy being able to help my clients enjoy life and travelling to different parts of the world.

I am proud of how hard the whole team works to make sure their clients are happy and well taken care of. The team at TJB all steps in when someone needs something and we all go above and beyond for our clients to create life long relationships with them.

The attitude you bring onboard with you, an itinerary that includes island hopping, and an amazing chef to create unforgettable meals that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

My favourite cruising destination would be the Bahamas. The water is crystal clear; the weather is amazing and people that live in the Bahamas are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

I would have to go with Oceanco because ever since I was little, I have had a picture of their yacht ALFA NERO on my mirror, and I still do to this day. It keeps me motivated, there is something timeless about their designs.

My two favourite spots on a yacht are the bow and the aft deck. The bow would need to have layout pads and seating as that is the best spot for sailing the ocean and star gazing at night and the aft deck needs to be large enough for alfresco dining every night as that is the best spot to eat dinner while watching the sea life that is well lit up by must have underwater lights.

Charter a few different sizes before you buy so you know what you like. You don’t want to end up with too big or too small so I would recommend trying different lengths and styles initially. Some first-time buyers end up going too big and regretting it so I highly recommend chartering different yachts Initially, in the long run, you will be rewarded for having brought a yacht you truly love.

I can put a smile on just about everyone’s face that I meet. I love people and I love seeing them happy.

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