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An Exotic Paradise Awaits

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Destination Overview
Best Time to Go November – April
Currency CFP franc
Language French and Tahitian

Set sail on a French Polynesia yacht charter and discover dreamy archipelagos lapped by some of the bluest waters on earth. This is the destination of choice for paradise seekers with sun-kissed powder white sand beaches, undulating tropical landscapes, and vibrant coral reefs. 

Spend your days soaking up the sun on a deserted island, make the most of your charter yacht’s tenders and toys, or discover French Polynesia’s rich exotic charm. With 118 island gems to explore, enjoy this exquisite destination your way aboard a French Polynesia yacht charter.

French Polynesian Highlights

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Explore the path less travelled and discover picturesque islands bursting with tropical charm. Enjoy idyllic lagoons and tumbling waterfalls on the island of Tahiti or live life on island time at Taha’a. On a luxury yacht charter in French Polynesia, island bliss awaits.



Cruise to Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, and discover the authentic charms of this volcanic island.



Swoon-worthy scenery and vivid green jungles make the island of Mo’orea a must-visit during a luxury yacht charter in French Polynesia.



Explore coconut plantations, untamed landscapes, picturesque villages, and white sandy beaches at this under-the-radar island on a French Polynesia yacht charter.



Meaning “faraway heaven,” discover the first homeland of the ancient Polynesians. Rich in archaeological treasures, this mystical island is guaranteed to delight.


Hillside vanilla farms envelop this tropical locale in a heady sweet scent. Enjoy white sandy beaches and island seclusion your way.

Bora Bora resort ocean villa tjb superyachts

Bora Bora

Considered one of the most beautiful islands on earth. Enjoy incredible fine dining experiences, lavish resorts and spas, and spectacular scenery.

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