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2025 LAZZARA UHV 100 Summary

30.47 meters / 100 ft



10 guests

5 cabins

12 Knots

16 Knots


Asking price: $14,500,000 USD

Introducing the majestic spectacle that is the 2025 Lazzara UHV 100, a vessel that is the epitome of nautical engineering brilliance and elegance. This motor yacht, with its comprehensive features, versatile functionality, and exquisite design, is as much a priceless masterpiece as it is a luxurious watercraft.

The Lazzara UHV 100, bearing the seal of the Lazzara brand, is a proud member of Lazzara's unrivalled UHV series. A leading name in the yacht building industry, Lazzara is renowned worldwide for its precision, craftsmanship and passion expressed brilliantly in their creations. The UHV 100 model, will be introduced as Lazzara's testament to its commitment to luxury, unmatchable performance, engineering and an unforgettable ocean-travel experience.

This majestic Lazzara UHV 100 stretches 100 feet, approximately 30.48 meters, in length- making it a true giant amidst motor yachts. Yet, its sizable layout doesn't equate to a exterior appearance. On the contrary, this motor yacht showcases the perfect balance between space and style. Its exterior is flawlessly streamlined, extending from bow to stern, looking as if it's been airbrushed by the winds. Elegance doesn’t get any better than this.

The hull design has been carefully crafted not only to introduce a visually appealing aspect but also to ensure a better hydrodynamic capability. This design allows the Lazzara UHV 100 to slice through waves like a hot blade through butter. The streamlined construction ensures reduced drag and friction, improving fuel efficiency whilst providing a smoother ride. Added to its formidable twin engines.

Reliability and luxury are the cornerstones of Lazzara’s design philosophy and ascending the gangway of the UHV 100 is like stepping into another world of unparalleled splendor. Its meticulously designed interiors can comfortably accommodate up to ten guests in five spacious cabins without compromising privacy or comfort. Every corner, every piece of furnishing and decor is carefully chosen and placed to exude an aura of subtle sophistication.

The master suite is a work of art in itself, offering a spacious private retreat with an opulent ensuite and a view that can rival any waterfront suite. The guest cabins are equally luxurious and comfortable. Featuring ensuites, soft linens, and plush furnishing, every room exhibits a sense of indulgence that meets, or indeed exceeds, the highest standards of luxury living.

For those who want to entertain or socialize, the main salon and dining area provide an ample and versatile platform. The salon, filled with comfortable furnishings and top-notch entertainment systems, and a dining area boasting a magnificent dining table, offer panoramic views of your journey.

For outdoor lovers, the UHV 100 does not disappoint. The sun deck is a sun lover's paradise with its spa pool, bar, dining and lounge areas, which all serve as a vantage point for some breathtaking seascapes. The aft deck too provides an open-air retreat perfect for dining under the stars or enjoying a sundowner.

The 2025 Lazzara UHV 100 is a motor yacht that is beyond compare. Performance, design, and luxury find their rare union in this incredible vessel. Its superior heartbeat echoes in its elegantly forceful advance through the waters, in its exceptional navigating capabilities, and in its passenger pampering interiors. Be it a leisure cruise, a long voyage or a party on the water, the UHV 100 promises to transform every journey into an unforgettable voyage worth savouring.

In conclusion, the 2025 Lazzara UHV 100 is more than just a motor yacht; it's a floating haven of luxury, a masterpiece crafted by the skilled hands at Lazzara, a symphony in the sea.

Features in detail


Carefully designed to offer an unrivaled interior volume, the UHV 100 has the greatest gross tonnage of any yacht in this class and the optimized use of space can rival that of a yacht twice this size. With 2800 sq.ft (260m2) of interior space and 1345 sq.ft (125m2) of exterior decks, the Lazzara UHV 100 offers a superlative onboard lifestyle – a true home on the water.

An extra volume provides larger upper and main decks aft as well as much more space on the forward deck. As with each of the UHV’s the aft upper deck can serve as an owner’s terrace if you chose the unique configuration with the master suite on the second deck. In this configuration on the main deck, you will find an expansive galley and country kitchen in addition to the salon and formal dining area. Of course, if you chose instead to have a second deck salon there will be a master on the main in place of the country kitchen. On the lower deck, there are 4 instead of 3 large guest cabins, for a total of five guest cabins and in the crew area, the addition of a third bunk room expands the crew accommodations to 5.

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