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AMICO Summary

35 meters / 114.82 ft



5 cabins

21 Knots

25 Knots

United States

Asking price: $10,900,000 USD

Yacht for sale is a 2019 AZIMUT YACHTS 114.82ft yacht, AMICO.

Features in detail

Azimut 35M description

This vessel is not available to U.S. residents while in the U.S.

The Azimut 35M Grande is a luxurious motor yacht created by the Italian yacht builder Azimut Yachts. Part of the “Grande Collection”, which represents the brand’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and design, the Azimut 35M Grande is known for its elegance, innovative features, and spacious interiors. Key features and characteristics of the Azimut 35M Grande include:

  • Design and Exterior: The yacht boast a sleek and contemporary exterior design with clean lines and graceful profile. The use of large windows allows for ample natural light inside the yacht and offers stunning views from various areas.
  • Size and Layout: As its name suggests, the yacht measures 35 meters (approximately 115 feet) in length. This generous size allows for multiple deck levels and spacious interiors that are thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and luxury.
  • Interior Spaces: The interior spaces of the Azimut 35M Grande are designed to provide both opulence and functionality. The yacht often features a variety of luxurious materials such as high-quality wood, leather, and marble, creating a refined atmosphere throughout.
  • Accommodation: The Azimut 35M Grande offers accommodation for a significant number of guests, often with multiple cabins and suites. These accommodations include master suite, guest cabins, and crew quarters, ensuring comfort and privacy for all onboard.
  • Amenities: The yacht is equipped with a range of amenities to enhance the onboard experience. These may include a spacious salon, a well-appointed galley, entertainment systems, and various relaxation and socialization areas on different decks.
  • Performance: The Azimut 35M Grande is designed for both comfort and performance. It usually features powerful engines that provide impressive cruising speeds and a smooth ride, allowing guests to enjoy both short trips and longer voyages with ease.
  • Outdoor Areas: The exterior spaces are designed for relaxation and entertainment. The yacht has features such as an expansive sundeck with lounging areas, a jacuzzi or swimming pool. And alfresco dining spaces for enjoying meals while taking in the surrounding views.
  • Innovative Features: Azimut yachts often incorporate innovative technology and features into their vessels. This includes advanced navigation systems, and automation systems for ease of operation.
  • Customization: As with many luxury yacht brands, the Azimut 35M Grande offers a degree of customization, allowing buyers to tailor certain aspects of the yacht’s design, layout, and features to their preferences.
  • Prestige: The Azimut 35M Grande is considered a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the yachting world, reflecting the Italian craftsmanship and design excellence that the Azimut brand is renowned for.

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