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MADAI Summary

25.75 meters / 84.48 ft



8 guests

4 cabins

8 Knots

10 Knots


Asking price: €1,250,000 EUR

The Gulet – Caicco Ma Dai was launched in 2006 at the renowned Tum Tour Yacht shipyards in Bodrum. This elegant wooden sailing vessel, primarily made of mahogany, features four stylish cabins, generous outdoor spaces all in Burmese teak, a dinette with a dining room, and an open-plan kitchen. The Ma Dai is a motorsailer with two masts, measuring 25.75 meters in length and 6.80 meters in width, managed by a crew of four. It was love at first sight: in 2015, a Swiss yacht owner and his wife, still the current owners, fell in love with its graceful curves, waterline, and the shape of its bow. After inspecting the impressive hull, entirely made of wood, they purchased it to transform it into a refined Gulet Pleasure Yacht for their family. It flies the British flag and is registered under the stringent standards of the MCA, UK Maritime Coast Agency.

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