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Discover Indonesia’s Asian jewel, where extraordinary underwater life and jungle-covered islands await. Explore this exquisite destination at your own pace.

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The Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat Indonesia lies in the Coral Triangle, which stretches from The Philippines to Timor to Papua New Guinea. The region is known as the most biodiverse marine habitat on earth, with three-quarters of the world’s coral varieties

Raja Ampat is a naturalist’s dream, with more species of fish and coral than anywhere else on the planet, the main attractions certainly lie beneath the waves. From the fabulous hard coral sites in the north to the colourful soft corals of Misool in the south, Raja Ampat yacht charter will provide an array of vibrant underwater discoveries. 

Raja Ampat Highlights

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The tropical archipelago of West Papua is ideal for expedition cruising. Raja Ampat and the nearby islands of the Indonesian archipelago are a melting pot of culture, history and nature. Relatively undisturbed by humans, expect peace and seclusion in abundance.



The main gate and transit of West Papua, Sorong is known for its natural resources and sea biome.

Kri Island Ocean Yacht Blue TJB


Earning an enviable reputation for its vibrant coral and attendant marine life, the Kri peninsula provides exceptional underwater views.

Wayag Islands Ocean Blue Boat TJB

Wayag Islands

The island is known for its beautiful atolls and astonishing underwater life covering a total area of 155,000 hectares.

Penuma Island Ocean Boat Blue Water TJB


A stunning collection of limestone domes decorated in green flora, the Penemu islands are ideal for eager explorers.

Kabui Passage Blue Ocean Boat TJB

Kabui Passage

Mangroves and rainforest cover its shoreline and inhabit archerfishes and colourful soft corals.

Batanta Island


Populated by numerous wild birds and home to a postcard-perfect waterfall, the island is guaranteed to impress.


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