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We are thrilled to have been featured in the Superyacht Times’ article to contribute to the conversation on whether India, with its growing wealth landscape, is indeed a sleeping giant in the realm of superyacht ownership. 

There has been a substantial growth in ultra-high-net-worth individuals in India, predicting a remarkable surge by 58.4% by 2027, however stringent regulations surrounding high-luxury assets, insufficient marina infrastructure and investment, and a cultural gap in coastal activities, are all contributing factors to why India is yet to dominate the superyacht market. 

Sales and Charter Broker, Advait Deodhar, offers his insight: “I don’t foresee a substantial change in the near future, at least not in the next 10 years, unless there are drastic shifts in the current scenario. While India may soon ascend to being among the top countries in terms of billionaire count, potentially even surpassing China, the mindset and lifestyle necessary for embracing superyacht ownership are not yet prevalent”.   

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