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How to Charter a Yacht?

Your perfect adventure awaits on a luxury charter yacht. Whether you are new to the world of yacht charters or a seasoned pro, our yacht consultants are here to help at every stage of your yachting journey.

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Your perfect adventure awaits on a luxury charter yacht. Whether you are new to the world of yacht charters or a seasoned pro, our yacht consultants are here to help at every stage of your yachting journey.

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See the world your way on a TJB Super Yachts luxury yacht holiday. Browse our real-time global fleet of superyacht charters and plan an unmatched charter experience.

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If you’re a first-time charterer and wondering how to charter a yacht, or have questions about the finer details, then read our comprehensive guide. Here we provide the most important information to prepare you for a conversation with a yacht charter consultant.

Charter a superyacht and see the world your way.

Superyacht Charter FAQs for Beginners

A superyacht charter offers a self-sufficient sanctuary coupled with limitless levels of luxury. Unlike at resorts or on a cruise, you will enjoy exclusive use of your charter yacht, offering complete privacy and a safe and secure environment. A charter yacht comes with a dedicated crew who will cater to your every need. Crew to guest ratios are unsurpassed, ensuring an incredible holiday experience. Finally, when you charter a yacht, you can enjoy a holiday your way, with no rigid itineraries or schedules to adhere to.

You can charter a superyacht at any time of year. Remember that charter yachts will be in high demand during peak times, around July and August, when many yachts are in the Mediterranean, and December and January, when most charter yachts are located in the Caribbean. If you want to charter a yacht during the peak months, you’ll need to book several months in advance. Our yacht consultants can match you to your ideal charter superyacht for your desired dates.

When you charter a superyacht, the world is at your fingertips. Destinations such as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean are firm favourites with charterers. Others prefer to explore the path less travelled, such as cruising the ice-filled waters of Antarctica. Tell us where in the world you want to explore, and we will make it happen.

The beauty of chartering a superyacht is the opportunity to see the world your way. Aboard a luxury crewed charter yacht, you can set your own itinerary. Benefit from our expert under-the-radar recommendations and in-depth knowledge on popular port-of-calls. Contact our yacht consultants who will listen to your holiday requirements and then work with you to create an incredible door-to-deck itinerary tailored for you, or try our itinerary builder to begin planning your personalised yacht charter.

With real-time access to every charter yacht in the world, with TJB Super Yachts, you’ll find a yacht suited to every adventure. Sailing yachts will suit those who want to harness the power of Mother Nature, while a motor yacht filled with tenders and toys will often be the option of choice for families seeking to cruise blue water havens. Alternatively, an explorer yacht is ideal for those wishing to discover the world’s most remote destination. Once you’ve decided on the type of yacht, you’ll also want to consider onboard services, such as whether you want a private chef, nanny, or spa therapist. TJB Super Yachts’ team of yacht consultants will listen to your needs and then handpick a selection of charter yachts that meet your exact requirements.

The Base Charter Fee or cost of a superyacht charter typically covers the hire of the yacht, crew, and the owner’s insurance. Additional charges often include provisioning, fuel, and mooring costs. On average, guests typically spend an additional 25-50 percent of the base charter fee. These additional expenses are covered by the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), which is taken before the charter.

During your yacht charter, the yacht’s captain will keep a log of all costs during your yacht charter, and any excess funds will be returned to you. Precise charges and what is included and not included, is subject to the terms and conditions of the yacht charter. There are various types of charter contracts, depending on your cruising destination, so you should always check with your yacht consultant as to what additional charges there will be. Our yacht consultants will be able to explain the details of each charter contract and let you know an estimate of additional costs that you can expect on top of the Base Charter Fee. Sometimes savings can be made, for example, by anchoring at sea rather than in a harbour. Our yacht consultants will be able to estimate additional costs for your charter experience and advise accordingly.

The yacht’s interior crew will ensure the yacht is fully provisioned before your yacht charter, using an Advance Provisioning Allowance. Before your yacht charter commences, your yacht consultant will ask you to fill out a charter preference sheet which will allow you to list your likes and dislikes, so you can rest assured that everything you enjoy, from rare wines to the finest produce, will be provided.

Many people love to take their close family and friends on a superyacht charter, while others seek a more intimate escape. Our team of yacht consultants will be able to handpick a selection of charter yachts that can accommodate your chosen guests.

You’ll need to travel to your yacht’s destination. Many yacht charterers opt to travel to their yacht’s destination via a private jet.

TJB Super Yachts are a boutique brokerage with a global reach. Benefit from our unmatched fleet of charter superyachts, in addition to off-market yachts. We pride ourselves on our service levels and put you first. While other yacht brokerages offer off-the-shelf charter packages, our yacht charters are tailored to you. Whether you want to explore the classic or lesser-known port of calls, we will make it happen. Thinking of chartering a superyacht? Contact us today and discover the TJB Super Yachts difference. Your dream escape awaits.

Chartering A Superyacht: The Finer Details

Now we’ve explored the basic details of chartering a superyacht, let’s explore some of the finer details and charter etiquette, including some of the points you may have not thought to ask.

Yes, all TJB Super Yachts charter yachts are crewed with a professional and fully trained team who will cater to your every need throughout your charter experience.

There will always be a crew member on duty on yachts with multiple crew as they will work a shift pattern. So, whether you fancy a midnight snack, a sunrise adventure, or a late-night movie night, your yacht’s crew will make it happen.

Yes, the crew can cater to individual dietary needs. Many superyacht charters come with a private chef who will prepare meals to your exact requirements.

Yes, you can request rare wines – or any other type of drinks – when chartering a superyacht. Many of the larger superyachts come with dedicated sommeliers, who will have the knowledge and expertise to acquire some of the world’s finest wines. They will also be happy to make suggested wine pairings and selections throughout your charter experience.

Most yacht’s do not permit you to wear shoes. This is to protect the yacht and ensure it is kept in pristine condition. Some yacht’s do permit boat shoes, as long as they are new and not worn on-shore. Our team of yacht consultants will be able to advise you before your yacht charter.

Some yachts allow smoking in dedicated outdoor areas. Before chartering a superyacht, you should let your yacht consultant know if you wish to be able to smoke on the yacht. Almost no yachts allow smoking in the yacht’s interior.

Some charter yachts do allow pets on board. Again, before chartering a superyacht, you should let your yacht consultant know that you wish to bring your pet with you. They will then handpick a selection of yachts that allow pets.

Absolutely! Chartering a superyacht is the ideal way to enjoy a family holiday. Many charter yachts come with trained nannies and childminders, ensuring little ones enjoy an incredible holiday experience while adults get to enjoy some ‘me’ time. Let your yacht consultant know if you want to charter a superyacht with young children. They will suggest a suitable yacht, including a yacht with childminding professionals if desired.

Yes, when chartering a superyacht, you’ll find many yachts come with full-service spas, including treatment rooms, hair salons, hammams, saunas, and hot tubs. Even some of the smaller charter yachts often include a crew member who is a trained massage therapist. Our team of yacht consultants will listen to your needs and then handpick a selection of yacht charters with your desired services and amenities.

Yes, many of the world’s finest yachts come with dedicated fitness areas and state-of-the-art equipment. Some yachts will also include personal trainers who will assist you in keeping up with your fitness regimen while chartering a superyacht. Our team of yacht consultants will be able to select a yacht charter that meets your fitness needs.

Yes, almost all charter yachts offer access to high-speed internet, enabling you to stay connected while at sea. Your personal yacht consultant will be able to handpick a selection of superyacht charters that come with access to WIFI if this is particularly important to you.

Yes, one of the benefits of chartering a superyacht is the ability to holiday your way. If you wish to stay a little longer in a port of call or decide to skip a scheduled port of call and visit somewhere different, then let your captain know. They will do the best to accommodate your wishes.

Yes, it is sometimes possible to extend your superyacht charter. Contact your TJB yacht consultant, and they will check the yacht’s availability. If your yacht charter can be extended, they will handle all the necessary paperwork.

Your yacht’s captain will monitor local weather conditions and make adjustments to your itinerary if necessary to avoid inclement weather. However, it is important to note that it is not always possible to avoid bad weather conditions. See it as an opportunity to relax onboard your yacht charter and enjoy the yacht’s many luxury amenities, or head onshore and enjoy dining in the local restaurants or exploring the shops.

All TJB Super Yacht charters adhere to the very highest standards of safety and must carry the latest lifesaving equipment on board. Additionally, all crew are trained in CPR, while senior crew members, including the captain, will have advanced training.

When chartering a superyacht, you can rest easy knowing that the very highest cleaning regimens are adhered to. All TJB Super Yacht charter yachts are maintained to the very highest standards and adhere to strict daily cleaning procedures.

Tipping a yacht’s crew is discretionary when chartering a superyacht. If you wish to tip your crew, it is customary to tip around 10 to 15 percent of the yacht’s charter price.

In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint when on a superyacht charter you should first alert the Captain as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact your personal yacht consultant who will take the relevant action.

When your yacht is in international waters the yacht will be governed by the yacht’s flag state. When in local waters, the yacht will be governed by local laws. Illegal drugs and weapons are prohibited on board a charter yacht. You may be permitted to smoke Marijuna onboard a charter yacht if it is legal in the yacht’s flag state and at local destinations on your charter itinerary. Your yacht consultant will be able to advise further.

The Language of Chartering A Superyacht

Enhance your charter experience and familiarise yourself with some popular yachting terms. We’ve put together a handy guide of some regularly used yachting terms to help guide you when chartering a ask.

Advanced Provisioning Allowance – an agreed sum that is paid before the start of your yacht charter to cover provisioning, including food and drink, fuel, and mooring costs.
Aft – the rear of a yacht.
Aft Deck – a deck located at the rear of the yacht.
Aft Cabin – a cabin located at the rear of the yacht.
Amidship – the middle of the yacht.
Anchorage – a location off the coast where a yacht can drop anchor.
At Anchor – a yacht that has dropped anchor.
Aweigh – a yacht’s anchor that is raised just clear of the sea bed.

Bareboat – a yacht that you can charter without any crew.
Base Charter Fee or Rate – the cost of the charter that covers the hire of the charter yacht, which includes use of all the equipment on the yacht and the cost of wages and food for the crew. This will vary depending on the size of the yacht, type of yacht, make, model, and amenities, for example, as well as whether you are cruising in high season or low season. Other aspects that can affect the Base Charter Fee include special events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix and America’s Cup, which can see demand for yacht charters increase.
Berth – a cabin or place where a yacht can moor.
Bow – the front of a yacht.
Beach Club – an area that provides easy access to the sea. Located at the yacht’s stern, some beach clubs include wet bars, sun loungers, and water toys.
Buoy – an anchored floating object that serves as a hazard aid or navigational tool.

Cabin – an on-board bedroom or sleeping quarters.
Charter Agreement – the agreement that specifies the particulars, including payment terms and policies, when chartering a superyacht.
Charter Contract – Tthe charter contract will depend on where in the world you are cruising. The MYBA contract (Worldwide Yachting Association formerly known as the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) is the most popular contract used for yacht charters, especially those cruising in the Mediterranean. Other popular contracts for superyacht charters include Caribbean Terms Inclusive or Standard Caribbean Terms. Under these contracts the Base Charter Fee includes three meals a day in addition to four hours of cruising. Other lesser used superyacht charter contracts are the Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms and Greek Terms.
Charter Rate – the agreed cost of the charter.
Cockpit – the outdoor area of a sailing yacht where the captain will steer the yacht and charter guest can sit and eat.
Crew – the team that manages the day-to-day operations of a charter yacht. The larger the yacht, the larger the crew and the more diverse their skill sets. Standard crew include deckhands, stews and stewardesses, engineers, and a captain. Larger charter yachts may include a chef, masseuse, nanny, sommelier, and dive instructor.

Day Head – a bathroom in a common area onboard a yacht.
Displacement – a type of yacht with a hull that pushes aside water. Can also refer to the weight of water displaced by a hull.
Draft – the depth of a yacht below the waterline. Yachts with a shallow draft can often moor in smaller harbours.
Double Cabin – a cabin with a bed that can sleep two guests.

Explorer Yacht – a yacht designed to explore some of the world’s most remote destinations. Explorer yachts are purpose-built for extended periods at sea.

Flybridge – an open deck above the main bridge of a yacht.
Flotilla – a group of boats cruising together.

Galley – the kitchen area on a yacht.
Gulet – a traditional type of yacht typically found in Turkey.
Gybe – a term that refers to swinging a fore-and-aft sail across a following wind on a sailing yacht.

Harbour Fees – the fee paid by a charter yacht to dock in certain harbours. Harbour fees are typically covered in the Advanced Provisioning Allowance.
Harbour Master – the person in charge of a harbour, including the management of harbour traffic.
Head – a bathroom.
Helm – a yacht’s steering wheel.
Hull – the main structure of a yacht.
Hybrid Yacht – a yacht that uses both diesel and electric motors for propulsion, a popular charter option with those who seek a yacht that is both luxurious and sustainable.

Ice-Class – a yacht built to ice-class classification can navigate through sea ice.
Idle – refers to the lowest speed that a yacht can operate at.
Inboard Engine – an engine that is in the yacht, rather than attached to the stern.
Itinerary – a personal schedule when chartering a superyacht, including destinations and suggested activities.

Knot – the speed at which the yacht is travelling. One knot is equal to a nautical mile.
Ketch – a type of sailing yacht with two masts.

Lee – the side of a yacht that is furthest from the wind.
Leeward – the side of a yacht that is sheltered from the wind.
Length Over All – the total length of a yacht, from stem to stern.

Main Sail – the largest sail on a sailing yacht.
Marina – where yachts dock and charter guests typically board their charter yacht.
Mast – the structure that supports the sails on a sailing yacht.
Main Saloon – the primary living space onboard a charter yacht.
Master Cabin – typically the most spacious and luxurious cabin onboard a yacht, sometimes referred to as an owner’s suite.
Megayacht – a professionally crewed yacht that is amongst the largest in the world. Also known as a superyacht.
Midship – the centre of a yacht.
Motor Yacht – a yacht that is primarily propelled by motors.
MultiHull – a charter yacht with more than one hull, such as a catamaran or trimaran.
MYBA – the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. Members of the MYBA must act under the highest ethical and technical standards.
MYBA Contract – a contract that is governed by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers. Association. An MYBA Contract is regarded as the industry standard when chartering a superyacht.

Nautical Mile – a nautical mile is about 15 percent longer than a mile, a distance of 6,076.12 feet or 1.852 metres.

Personal Flotation Device – a lifejacket or safety vest.
Planing Hull – a type of hull that enables a yacht to glide on top of the water. A charter yacht with a planing hull will be able to travel at higher speeds, enabling charter guests to enjoy more destinations.
Preference Sheet – where charter guests can list their likes and dislikes prior to chartering a superyacht.
Pullman Berth – a twin-size pull-down bed that enables charter yachts to sleep more guests comfortably.

RIB – a rigid inflatable boat, often used as tenders on charter yachts.

Schooner – a type of large sailing yacht with two or more masts.
Skylounge – an indoor area on a yacht, typically on the upper deck, which is considered less formal than the main saloon.
Starboard – the right side of a yacht when looking forward towards the bow.
Stateroom – another term for cabin.
Swim Platform – a smaller version of a beach club, swim platforms are located at the back of the yacht and give charter guests easy access to the sea when chartering a superyacht.
Stabilisers – a feature that helps prevent a yacht from rolling, particularly in rough seas. Stabilisers help ensure a more comfortable charter experience.
Stern – the back of the yacht.
Sundeck – the upper part of the deck, often with sun pads for sunbathing.

Tender – a service vessel used to take charter guests to small ports, harbours, or beaches that are too shallow for a yacht. A tender can also be used for watersports, including water skiing, as well as for short day cruises. Larger superyachts may have several tenders.
Transom – the vertical section at the rear of the boat. Superyacht charters often fly their flag registration from the transom.
Twin Cabin – a cabin with two single beds, popular with children when chartering a superyacht.

Underway – when the yacht is cruising.

V-Berth – a cabin located in the bow of the ship, named because it has a “v’ shape.
VIP Cabin – one of the best cabins on a yacht charter, second only to the owner’s suite or master cabin.

Waterline – the intersection between the surface of the water and the yacht’s hull.
Waypoint – the coordinates of a destination.
Weigh – raise the anchor.

Zero-Speed Stabilisers – A feature that helps prevent a yacht from rolling while at anchor.


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