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Buying a yacht is the ultimate lifestyle choice.
No other purchase quite compares to the thrill of owning a yacht and the ultimate freedom that it offers.



Selling a yacht opens doors to new opportunities. Whether you are looking to acquire a newer or larger vessel, or to explore investment opportunities elsewhere, when it’s time to sell your yacht, trust the experts at TJB Super Yachts.

Our yacht consultants offer a turnkey superyacht sales process, including yacht marketing, viewings, and contract negotiations. Reap the benefits of our world-class marketing services, or benefit from our network of contacts with an off-market sale for those seeking the utmost discretion. Enjoy a tailored strategy that reaches the widest qualified audience in order to secure a swift sale that capitalises on your yacht’s value.

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As a global leader in yacht sales, TJB Super Yachts guarantees your peace of mind. Our team of experienced yacht sales consultants handles every aspect of the superyacht sales process. Discover the successful year-on-year figures within the yachting industry in 2022:

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Identify Your Style

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The first stage of the yacht acquisition process is to determine what type of yacht you want.

  • Do you want a superyacht, motor yacht, sailboat, performance yacht, or explorer yacht?
  • Do you want a yacht designed for long-range ocean cruising or one that is more suited to island-hopping in blue water havens?
  • Do you want a new yacht or a brokerage yacht?

Consider how you will use your yacht and what amenities you want onboard. With so many different types of superyachts available, it can feel overwhelming when buying a yacht, however, our expert yacht consultants are here to help, and can advise you on the different types and styles of yachts that would suit you best.

Fine Tune the Details

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Once you’ve decided on the type of yacht that is suited to your needs, you’ll want to fine-tune your search further. Whatever type of yacht you seek, our expert yacht consultants can help narrow down your search and provide you with a selection of yachts that meet your needs, all whilst keeping your yacht search indulgently fun.

  • How many cabins do you need?
  • What type of onboard amenities do you want?
  • Do you want a pool, hot tub, gym, or spa?
  • Are you seeking lots of deck space for entertaining guests or storage facilities for toys and tenders?

Whatever type of yacht you seek, our expert yacht consultants can help narrow down your search and provide you with a selection of yachts that meet your needs, all whilst keeping your yacht search indulgently fun.

Due Diligence & Negotiation

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You’ve found your ideal yacht. What’s next?

Our expert team will help you expertly navigate the yacht acquisition process. This includes offers to purchase, negotiations, and purchase contracts. Working with our network of trusted global experts, we will connect you with marine lawyers, tax advisors, and survey engineers. We will also arrange sea trials. Once you are happy and all necessary documentation is in place, we will make arrangements for the sale to be finalised seamlessly.

The Adventure Begins

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When you buy a superyacht with TJB Super Yachts you join our family. We help you at every stage of your yacht ownership journey and always put you first.

Our personal superyacht management services cover all aspects of yacht ownership, including crew and manning requirements, yacht marketing, yacht insurance, and charter management. With extensive knowledge and a global network of contacts, you can rest assured that your yacht is in safe hands.


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Buying a yacht can be a complicated process. When you work with a TJB Super Yachts’ consultant, you will benefit from a streamlined yacht acquisition process. Our yacht consultants boast deep industry knowledge and a global network of contacts. From your first point of contact, we listen to your needs and then respond accordingly. Your personal yacht consultant will provide you with a list of yachts that match your needs, then arrange viewings. They will offer tailored advice throughout the yacht acquisition process, including advice on financing, class and compliance, surveys, yacht management, and much more.

The longest part of buying a yacht is usually finding the right one that meets your needs. Your personal TJB Super Yachts consultant will be able to advise on types of yachts and set up viewings as soon as they understand what will fit your requirements. Once you’ve made your choice, it is then a matter of getting surveys and inspections done, submitting a formal Letter of Intent, and arranging financing. You can expect this process to take around six to eight weeks.

While surveys and sea trials are not compulsory when you buy a superyacht, they are a standard part of the yacht acquisition process, and we strongly recommend getting them done. Surveys and sea trials provide an important overview of the yacht’s condition, and some financial institutions may insist upon them. TJB Super Yachts work with some of the best independent surveyors and engineers. To avoid any conflict of interest, we will guide you to their services, enabling you to have a fully independent survey carried out.

Manufacturers offer warranties for a set amount of time on a new-build yacht. If the yacht you are purchasing is still within its warranty period, it will be transferred to you as the new owner. However, most brokerage yachts are purchased based on the condition and findings of the professional pre-purchase survey and therefore do not have warranties.

When you buy a superyacht,  you will receive a  Memorandum of Understanding, which sets out the terms and conditions of the sale. You will also receive the Bill of Sale, which records the transfer of legal title from the seller to the buyer, and the Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance, which specifies the agreed upon time and date of transfer of ownership and funds. Your personal TJB Super Yacht consultant will advise you accordingly, ensuring your best interests are protected throughout this entire process.

The buyer and seller will decide together which country will govern the purchasing process, and this is often a country where neither party resides. It is common for English law to be chosen when buying a superyacht.

The topic of VAT can be complex and depends upon where your yacht is to be kept. TJB Super Yachts’ team of yacht consultants can put you in contact with specialist maritime VAT lawyers who will look into all the factors and advise you accordingly.


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Discover why superyacht owners turn to us in confidence when they want to sell a yacht by contacting our team today. 


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