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November – April


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Saba is a tall, tiny, steeply-sided volcanic island with virtually no harbour or shoreline. Because it is difficult to reach by boat and only small aircraft can land at the short runway, it has remained a pristine tropical paradise and a delight to explore for adventurous Caribbean yacht charters. Wander past enchanting red-roofed white timber houses scattered along lush hillsides. Find secret coves tucked between rocky cliffs and verdant peaks to drop anchor, disconnect, and soak up Saba’s tranquil atmosphere. 

Below the surface lies the true treasure – a colourful kingdom of coral teeming with life perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling. Spot sea turtles gliding past towering pinnacles adorned with vibrant sponges in one of the top dive sites in the Caribbean. While above water, hike the Mt. Scenery Trail for staggering views of neighbouring islands floating on the horizon. With its rare biodiversity, dramatic peaks, and opportunities for both relaxation and adventure, the remote and pristine island of Saba affords Caribbean yacht charter guests a uniquely enchanting experience only found in few places on Earth. 


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