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Superyachts: the World’s Most Idyllic Wellness Retreats

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For decades, superyachts were seen as the ultimate indulgence, where opulence, parties and rich cuisine formed the core of the superyacht experience. Yet long before Covid-19 put a halt to lavish parties, superyachts were starting to be seen as the ultimate wellness space. Now more than ever guests aboard luxury yacht charters are finding a safe and immaculately equipped space where they can unwind, eat well, de-stress and exercise. This isn’t enforced social distancing, this is about precious time to focus on your own health and well-being.

A whole new fleet of superyachts are gliding out of the shipyards equipped with state-of-the-art spas, traditional hammams and beauty salons. Yet wellness isn’t only about massages and treatments, and a private yacht can be a serene space for a holistic and all-encompassing wellness experience, where guests can focus on their physical and mental health, spend time disconnected from the pressures of everyday life, and focus on themselves and their families.

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Mindfulness on Board

Mindfulness is a vital part of our journey to a healthy life, and it focuses on the here and now. Superyachts provide the serenity and space far from the trappings of everyday life in which to fully be mindful. Whether it’s meditating to the soundtrack of the ocean, reading in the sunshine, snorkelling through glass-clear waters or simply swirling your toes in the water from the swim platform, they are moments when nothing else matters.

The impeccable facilities of a luxury yacht combine with the power of nature to create a space which encourages health and wellness in a way that no other place can. The rhythmic sound of the sloshing sea, the uninterrupted views, the clean, salty air, soundless nights of sleep, and the warmth of the sun create a rejuvenating and calming environment. Combine that with activities such as early morning yoga on the sundeck, paddle boarding in tranquil bays, and healthy family meals together and you’ve got the perfect recipe.

Soothing Home Comforts

As the tide turns on how people are seeing and using superyachts, it is perhaps no surprise that design is playing an important role too. While superyachts are all wonderfully different, and their design elements speak to different and unique tastes, there is a definite move towards a home-from-home design style, with designers creating interiors where comfort outweighs glamour. From gentle tones and huge master cabins, to relaxing cinema spaces, vast windows to allow light to pour in, and even underwater observatories where guests can feel at one with nature, it is all about creating a sense of comfort and relaxation.

The cuisine too plays a huge role in everyday wellness, and where galleys were once hidden away out of sight, today many yachts offer show kitchens, allowing the guests and chefs to interact through a shared passion for healthy, enriching food. Specialised menus are created together, with chefs trained in specialist diets from vegan to keto. As more people focus not on fad diets but long-term healthy lifestyles, yacht chefs can offer an educational and awakening experience with new flavours and fresh, healthy ingredients.

Superyacht Spas

A superyacht with no more spa facilities than a perfectly positioned Jacuzzi can still be a space for true wellness. Yet the superyacht world is responding to demand, and today there are more and more yachts equipped with the very best spa facilities in the world, with designers pulling out all the stops. Luxurious on-board beach clubs equipped with hammams, massage rooms and open-ocean swimming can be found alongside yachts with vast swimming pools and Finnish saunas. Hydrotherapy pools, plunge pools, snow rooms and ice fountains show how the industry is now at the forefront of spa innovation. Discover some of the best superyacht spas in the world.

Along with the facilities come a new breed of superyacht crew. Specialist wellness skills are now more sought after than ever, and guests can request yachts with trained masseurs and yoga teachers on board, fitness and watersports instructors, beauticians and nutritionists.

Book Your Health and Wellness Superyacht Charter

A holistic and all-encompassing focus on wellness can permeate throughout a whole charter, allowing guests to focus completely on their own needs, whether that is physical, mental, emotional or social. Where a superyacht holiday was once seen as an investment in leisure and indulgence, today it is being seen as an investment in a healthy lifestyle and in your very own wellbeing.

To find out more about wellness yacht charters please get in touch and our brokers will be able to match you with your perfect yacht, crew and destination. We will also be happy to provide peace of mind with our Covid-19 cancellation policies and safety measures in place.

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