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Angus Cook, Charter Broker

Angus has been part of the maritime world his entire life, whether it is the naval, commercial or leisure sectors. So it is little wonder that a career as a superyacht broker was the perfect path for him. Angus brings a winning combination of friendliness, dedication and professionalism to all his charters, and it is easy to tell from the first time you talk to him that he has a genuine passion for the superyacht world.

Angus’ past (and his many repeat) clients testify as to his determination to create flawless, bespoke charters. He is always going that extra step to achieve the highest satisfaction for those he works with. He is patient and understanding, happily guiding first time charterers through the charter process, and always doing so with a driving energy of fun and excitement.

Superyacht charters are all about enjoyment, and this is something that Angus is adamant must not be forgotten throughout the process. He has a passion for the ocean, for watersports and for travel to sun-filled destinations. He uses this first-hand knowledge of superyacht destinations and activities, as well as his experience liaising with various cultures around the world, when designing the perfect charters for his clients.

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Telephone: +44 7880 601 271

Languages: English

Location: London, UK

Mallorca Yacht charter with TJB Super Yachts


Super knowledgeable, responsive, and efficient. The whole charter went like clockwork and Angus made everything worry-free for us so our client could get on and enjoy the yacht. Would definitely recommend.

Thank you for the most unforgettable trip. We will forever remember the gorgeous islands, peaceful swimming spots and your incredible hospitality above all. Thank you for all your generosity in sharing this experience with us – for thinking of every detail, for patiently teaching us the Greek culture, for becoming our friends! You all made this week magical – thank you!

Incredible boats! Excellent crew on each one! You conquered. Your work is remarkable.

You have been an amazing help in finding the perfect solution. We had a very pleasant cruise, the children loved the toys onboard, and the crew kept them well entertained. We are considering three weeks in July 2022, this time in Greece.

The crew were just right for us. All was great. A fantastic two weeks in Croatia. We will be looking for another boat next summer. What about France?


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The teamwork and positive attitude of the brokers is unparalleled. We work in what is often viewed as a ‘one person’ job, with brokers often looking out for themselves. But TJB’s team help each other and work together. We share our experiences of all the yachts we visit to help and advice each other for future charter bookings.  

 In the office, I am seated a few meters from the CEO’s door, which is always open. Intimacy is a good thing to have when organising what will be the best and most dear holiday of someone’s life. Everyone here is grateful to be working in this industry and within TJB – and it shows when we hear great feedback about our colleagues, from other companies but most importantly from our clients. When you book with TJB, you book with a team. 

I love the fact that I help people go on the most memorable holidays of their lives, and thrive in the research and communication which comes along with orchestrating those types of charters. Holidays are happy times, I am happy to provide them. 

I enjoy getting to speak to people from across the globe. You’re always learning in life but as a broker I think you learn a lot more about things you wouldn’t otherwise come across because of the social reach you have. I firmly believe the best brokers are those who are good with people and help their clients realise what they need by offering impartial advice. TJB has this in spades. 

In my first year at TJB, I booked 32 charters, the highest number in the company. Whether they were small yachts, big yachts, long trips, short trips – they all got my full attention. 

I also feel that one of my strengths is in booking charters for first-timer charterers, taking them through the process as simply as possible, with the final result being a fantastic trip which I designed from start to finish. And I am very proud of the feedback I get from my first-time guests who come back year after year to book their charters with me. 

The captain and crew being right for the guests is the most important aspect. You can be on the best yacht ever built, but if your crew is not right, the holiday will not be right. The yacht doesn’t look after you, the crew does. 

The location is also really important to get right. Every location or itinerary offers different opportunities to guests, and picking the perfect one for that group is vital. And thirdly, the price has to be the right one. Every guest wants to be on that yacht charter knowing they got the best deal possible – it helps them enjoy it even more. 

I find it very hard to pick just one. I have spent most of my yachting holidays in the Balearics, Greece and Italy, and they all can be called my favourites for different reasons. Ultimately, it depends on WHY you want to charter a yacht as to where the perfect destination will be. For example, Italy has my favourite food and some of the best hidden gems along the Amalfi coast and Aeolian islands. The architecture of the buildings, the history and the beauty are overwhelming. Italy however is quite an adult choice for yachting.   

The Balearic on the other hand is more for the youngsters. The region has much sentimental value to me as I have been going there since I was a child. It is beautiful and not too big, making it feasible to have an itinerary incorporating Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.  

Cruising through Greece, particularly the Ionian or Cyclades islands with someone who knows their Greek mythology is a real treat. To hear the stories which unfurled on these shores is truly incredible. Greece is an ideal destination from May all the way through to the end of October and has something for everyone.  

I have admiration for so many of the yacht manufacturers but Benetti yachts steal my heart. They are one of Europe’s oldest builders, and there’s a reason they have been around so long. They celebrate Italian excellence and for me they perfectly mix the classic superfluously with the modern. They cover all sizes, with fantastic yachts from 25 meters up to 110 meters. Having been around ships my whole life I love that classic bow ship-like look, something that cuts through the water. They are open, utilise space well, give a sense of freedom and allow the natural light to shape whatever beautiful interior is chosen. I can’t wait to see how their new designs will compete with some of the very futuristic yachts rolling out in the next few years. The Benetti yacht Enchantress was also the first yacht I organised a charter for and will never forget.  

Again, I can’t pick just one thing as there is so much choice! I would definitely have a huge outdoor cinema, to watch movies under the stars, and request a crew consisting of a cocktail expert who is also the best masseuse in the land. And a massive slide because why not? 

If it’s second-hand, find out as much as possible about the previous owner and the decisions they made with it and why they want to sell it. And compare that to your intentions. If it’s a new build, be prepared to be very patient, as the process is long and can’t be rushed. 

Always ask ‘why?’. Think about where you want to visit, where your current properties are based, if you wish to charter her out etc. Learn the nautical aspects so you know your way around the planning and understand the process. Also, make sure TJB are the ones helping you look. There are countless routes to finding the perfect yacht and we do our best to simplify this journey as much as possible. 


I am a very passionate dancer and enjoy bringing the same innovation and fun that I have on the dancefloor to my job.  

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