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James Kilbourn, TJB Super Yachts Team

James is part of our team of charter brokers and uses his experience working with private jet companies, as well as his time spent as crew aboard superyachts to create the perfect charter experiences for his guests. After graduating from university in 2017 James dived headfirst into the luxury private jet sector before jetting off himself to discover life aboard a superyacht. It was this which fuelled his long-standing passion for superyachts, which is obvious from the first time you meet James. He worked aboard several yachts of various sizes and styles, and it is this intimate knowledge of the workings of a charter yacht which has given him a behind-the-scenes ability to match his guests with the perfect yacht.  

Through his work on the yachts, James also got to visit many of the top cruising destinations and experience them both for himself and through the eyes of the charter guests. It allows him to offer unbiased and detailed guidance on the best destinations for his clients. James feels the best part of a yacht charter is the private and secluded nature of sitting at anchor, with no better way to relax. It is that special feeling he strives to create for his guests. 


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Telephone: +44 7926 129 176

Languages: English

Location: London (UK) and Sweden


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TJB Super Yachts is a young, dynamic company whose employees are extremely friendly and all working towards a common goal: to offer the best to their clients. We are all striving to succeed in a competitive industry, but do so together for the best of our clients rather than for ourselves.  

I love interacting with people from all around the globe and getting to know different cultures and different people. In doing so it helps me understand my clients better which in turn helps me organise the perfect charters for them. I also enjoy enriching my knowledge of the yachting world. It is a cutting-edge industry, and constantly changing, and it’s important to keep up with developments. Even after working on and with superyachts for several years, the luxury of the boats still amazes and excites me. 

Simply being part of a team of such dedicated and genuine charter brokers is a wonderful accomplishment, and I am proud to be part of a forward-thinking company who values their clients above all else. And of course, knowing the client is happy with their charter is the best accomplishment of all.  

Who you choose to take with you can make or break a charter in my opinion! I would recommend choosing wisely who accompanies you on your dream holiday, whether it’s family members or friends, so that you have a holiday that you all enjoy. The destination and itinerary play a big role in who you choose to join you, as not all destinations are right for everyone. Some will enjoy history and culture, others prefer a booming nightlife, while others will enjoy peace and tranquillity. We are very good at finding the right destination to suit everyone though. And lastly, I would say the selection of water toys on board are an important factor in creating a perfect charter – after all, who doesn’t love splashing about in the sea? 

Croatia makes for one of the most amazing cruising destinations and is easily my favourite. The water is crystal clear and there are so many lovely coves to anchor in, with little islands to explore, and fishing villages and markets to discover. 

There are so many incredible manufacturers out there, each pushing the boundaries of innovation. But I’d have to say Nobiskrug is my favourite, as their yachts are the most inspiring from a style perspective in my opinion.  

I love yachts which have a big, open beach club, especially those on the aft with fold down doors. It allows you to get close to the ocean and spend days jumping in and out of the water. That connection with the ocean is the best part of a superyacht for me.  

I would say to give the crew the respect and recognition they deserve. You can have the best superyacht in the world, but it’s the crew who will really elevate the quality of your experience. Treat them well and create a strong working relationship and you will be rewarded with long-term loyalty and a crew who know exactly what you like and don’t like.  

My sister shares my birthday…but is six years younger than I am. 

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