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Maxim Beckers

Charter Broker

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Telephone: +32 478 18 77 09

Languages: English, Dutch, French

Position: Charter Broker

Location: United Kingdom

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How I got here

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My journey to the yachting industry began with a background in luxury car sales, having worked with prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. Transitioning to Exmar Yachting provided me with invaluable experiences in organizing retail charters and managing yachts within a close-knit business environment. Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated strong client relationships and a deep understanding of high-end luxury products. The allure of the yachting world presented an exciting opportunity for me to further apply my skills and passion for personalised client experiences, and it’s a decision I haven’t regretted since.

Stunning fjords landscapes in Norway

My passions

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Clear Water and Island in French Polynesia


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My introduction to TJB Super Yachts occurred years ago during yacht shows, where I had the pleasure of meeting Tim and other brokers from the company. As I learned more about TJB’s operational excellence, innovative systems, and cohesive team dynamics, I became increasingly drawn to the organisation. A pivotal moment came during a familiarisation trip with Charlie Hayward, whose experience with the company further solidified my belief that TJB was the ideal professional home for me.

My favourite cruising destination

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While I hold a deep appreciation for the Mediterranean’s allure, particularly the hospitality of France, Italy, and Greece, my heart belongs to the Pacific. Exploring destinations like French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, and Fiji offers unparalleled beauty and untouched landscapes teeming with marine life. These remote corners of the world epitomize the essence of exclusive charter experiences and embody the spirit of adventure that fuels my passion for yachting. Sounion in Greece holds a special place in my heart, offering breathtaking sunsets from the ancient temple of Poseidon atop the hill—a perfect start or end to a Greek Cyclades charter. Additionally, sailing through the Norwegian fjords during the summer presents a unique and awe-inspiring experience that leaves an indelible mark on the soul.