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Santo Murray

Sales & Charter Broker

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Telephone: +1 (772) 696 0761

Languages: English

Position: Sales & Charter Broker

Location: Florida

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How I got here

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My voyage into the yachting world started unexpectedly through a connection while still at high school. Following a captivating internship at the 2017 Palm Beach International Boat Show with a top ship builder and well-respected brokerage, my passion for yachting ignited. Taking the advice to gain hands-on experience to heart, I transitioned from day work on a refit project to a full-time deckhand on the motor yacht AXIS. As a deckhand, progressing to first-mate, and obtaining a 100-ton captain’s license, I’ve fully embraced the challenges and exhilaration of the sea. This journey reflects my commitment to blending passion with consistent professional growth over the course of my career.

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My passions

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Outside of work, I’m all about embracing the sea and outdoor adventures. Whether it’s catching waves while surfing, enjoying recreational boating, or being part of Young Professionals in Yachting (YPY) and the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA), I find joy in every moment connected to the ocean. These pursuits not only enrich my life but also feed my continuous fascination with the yachting industry, making every experience a cherished one.

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I stumbled upon TJB Super Yachts thanks to Instagram following the company’s Palm Beach Island office opening. What grabbed my attention was their innovative marketing and unwavering commitment to leading the industry. Being an independent boutique yacht brokerage, TJB’s tech-savvy brokers and emphasis on personalized service clicked with my values. Their forward-thinking mindset, dedication to client relationships, and my eagerness to bring my skills to a brokerage pushing the boundaries of yacht sales made TJB Super Yachts a perfect fit for me.

My favourite cruising destination

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My favorite cruising destination has to be the Exuma Islands in The Bahamas. The clear blue waters and the laid-back charm of Staniel Cay make it a standout. Anchoring off Big Majors, where you can find the famous Pig Beach and Thunderball Grotto – a spot featured in a classic James Bond movie – adds a touch of adventure to the experience. It’s not just a place; it’s a collection of unforgettable moments that define the beauty of yachting.