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Victoria Lobo

Charter Manager & Retail Broker

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Telephone: +44 7568 117957

Languages: Spanish, English

Position: Charter Manager & Retail Broker

Location: Spain

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Growing up around yachts, I learned to sail at 10 and it quickly became a lifelong passion. In 2020, I began my career as the sole stewardess aboard a 34m sailing yacht. This role provided me with invaluable experience in maintaining high standards of service and managing the various needs of both the yacht and its guests.

Since 2021, I have expanded my expertise by actively crafting and managing yacht charters, which involves coordinating all aspects of the charter experience, from planning itineraries to ensuring seamless operations and providing exceptional guest experiences.

Whilst my hands-on experience, coupled with a degree in engineering, has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this dynamic industry, extensive travel experiences have made me culturally aware and knowledgeable about the best places to visit by sea.

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I had my eye on TJB Superyachts for several years before joining, captivated by their innovative and disruptive approach to the yacht market. Their commitment to creating unique and bespoke charter experiences, while fostering strong relationships with clients and colleagues in the yachting industry, has always impressed me.

The company’s robust internal network ensures that every aspect of chartering is possible. Teamwork is essential here, driving our growth and enabling us to consistently deliver the best for our clients.