2023 NOVA LUXE ELIGHT 50 GE SOLAR POWERED Luxury Superyacht For Sale | TJB Super Yachts


14.78 meters / 48.5 ft



4 cabins

8 Knots

12 Knots

United States

Asking price: $1,600,000 USD

Nova Luxe, the leader in power catamaran electric re-fits, brings you Elight 50 (GE) model as an electric hybrid new build. The “GE” stands for Generator Electric. This is our full electric hybrid model which uses two 100kW electric motors to propel the yacht silently. A single 25kW (or double available) generator ensures you always have power when you need it. Unlike a full diesel, this yacht can cruise silently as electric all day.

The 10kW solar array provides ample power to run the house load for a 24 hour period. Freedom from a generator while at anchor. In practical use, you could spend several days at an island, then use the power you stored to travel an additional 10-40 miles to the next island. Leave the diesel in the tank and travel on green energy.

The world is a beautiful place; Nova Luxe Yachts strives to keep it that way by not polluting.

Features in detail



With the Torqeedo electric propulsions system the yacht has a two year warranty on all electric systems as well as, battery capacity warrantied for 8 years.

The world today is different and will continue to change. To see natural beauty you need to travel off the beaten path. When you find the oasis you have been searching for, cruise in silently, observe the wildlife and leave without a footprint of diesel, oil, or CO2.

The ocean and its reefs all around the world are under stress. This underwater world is a true wonder.  Now is the time to see it and we have the ability to do so without polluting. With your help we can transition to a cleaner planet.

The world is a beautiful place; Nova Luxe Yachts strives to keep it that way by not polluting.

We offer Solar Power Conversions on all pre-owned Power Cats 34 feet and up any place in the world as long as there is a full service marina nearby starting at $300,000. Please contact us today for more information.


  • 10kW Solar Array
  • Electric Hybrid with greater range than diesel!
  • Top Speed comparable to Diesel
  • Fully Autonomous
  • Owners Version / Charter Version available!
  • Watermaker and rain capture system
  • Washer/Dryer
  • World Wide Delivery
  • Allow 24 months for delivery
  • No model available to see

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