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At TJB Super Yachts, we are dedicated to tailoring remarkable yachting experiences, whilst having complete awareness of how greenhouse gas can impact our environment. Our team understands that protecting our world means partnerships with experts in the field of sustainability and developing long-term collaborations to reach a greener goal.


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Yacht Carbon Offset is a distinguished environmental service company, addressing environmental sustainability for the whole yachting community. They are a key player in the carbon offset market, making an impact since 2008. They carefully select projects that are tailored to the yachting community, with ventures situated predominantly in coastal or island locations, enabling them to make an important contribution to the marine environment and local communities.

We strive to continue paving the way into a more sustainable approach to our work and a partnership with Yacht Carbon Offset means better preserving our environment and actively minimising GHG emissions.

Environmental Sustainability in the Yachting Community


We have made the decision to not just acknowledge the environmental impacts of yachting, but to act upon these.

We have a desire to adopt the highest environmental standards and to develop our environmental priorities.

We pledge to continue our research, embrace more sustainably positive practices, and engage with all potential environmental partnerships.

We are proud to offer our clients the opportunity to mitigate the environmental impact of their vessel, on their terms. The process is personalised, efficient and most significantly, essential to the world where our entire work is based.


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At TJB Super Yachts, we are developing strong strategic relationships with high-end complementary companies who share our same level of excellent customer service and CSR values.


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