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Escape the cold and begin your adventure of luxury. Your destination inspiration for February 2023.

St Kitts


The Caribbean is a mosaic of islands made up of green forests, sandy white beaches, and tropical sunlight. Your island adventure awaits with so many beaches, flavours, and cultures to delve into. Discover the laid-back luxury on St Martin or perhaps head to St Kitts, often referred to as the ‘Queen of the Caribbean’, this blissfully untouched island promises to offer the ultimate luxurious getaway. From candlelit dinner on the beach to dancing the night away to steel drums, these picture-perfect islands await.



From iconic skyscrapers to palm-shaped islands, beyond the dazzling lights, this iconic location holds a rich tapestry of culture waiting to be uncovered. From majestic mosques to all the glitters of gold at the many souks, each city holds its own unique character and charm. Awaken your senses with the pristine coastal beaches and the magnificent architecture.

Bahamas Luxury Travel


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, unwind on a romantic getaway in a sun-soaked location, and what better place to be than the idyllic islands of the Bahamas. Experience swimming alongside wild pigs, kayak through magical lagoons or head to Exuma Sound for deep-sea fishing. This underwater wonderland is beaming with life, so dive headfirst into these dazzling clear waters.