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Escape reality and discover the perfect sun trap. Your destination inspiration for November 2023.

Isobela Galapagos


Experience an extraordinary journey through this exotic paradise full of charm and beauty. Ecuador’s most beautiful archipelago is made up of exquisite island sanctuaries and enticing lengths of pristine sandy beaches, with each island revealing some of the world’s most diverse animal species. From Darwin’s historic arch to red sandy beaches, the Galapagos is a feast for the eyes.

Maldives Male


White sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters are just a few reasons to escape to the Maldives. With some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling, the waters are a magnet for marine life. Discover a haven of rich underwater life, with colourful tropical fish swimming between the sparkling coral reefs.

French Polynesia Ra'iatea Ocean Beach Shoreline Palm Tree TJB Superyachts


Lush volcano peaks, coral filled lagoons and idyllic beaches make these islands the perfect winter destination escape. Coral atolls provide a serene home for dolphins, rays, sharks, turtles, and an array of other marine life. The colourful islands will take you to another universe, where red hibiscus’ line the streets and the ocean breeze encapsulates the home shores in this slice of paradise.