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Chartering a Yacht and the Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered

The new Coronavirus (COVID-19) is something we are all now very aware of and many charterers are questioning whether they should re-schedule their summer plans or go ahead with their superyacht charter. It is understandable to have questions, and we are here to answer any concerns you may have. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are all hoping that the warmer summer months will bring an end to the spread of the virus, but in the meantime it’s important to consider all the facts before cancelling your charter or not booking one.

Is it safe to go on a yacht charter?

Anchored off shore on your very own self-sufficient superyacht which you reached by private plane or helicopter puts you at low risk of coming into contact with anyone who has the coronavirus, and our captains and crew are working hard to put new protocols and measures in place to safeguard all their guests. While it is of course impossible to say that a yacht charter is completely risk-free, superyachts are able to offer more safety than hotels or cruise ships.

Aboard a superyacht you will get privacy, limited contact with the public, impeccable cleanliness and hygienic environments, strict protocols regarding crew ensuring they are not put at risk of contracting the virus and therefore spreading it, and the ability to choose your cruising grounds to keep away from high risk areas. Days spent at anchor enjoying the ocean, fresh air and onboard facilities will keep you a world away from the happenings on land.

I have already booked my yacht charter. What happens if I have to cancel because of Coronavirus?

The yachting industry is keeping up with the rapidly changing developments. Various leading sources within the industry have issued statements regarding the Coronavirus. Those who booked their charter before the virus became widespread, are likely to have their contract invalidated only if the yacht cannot be delivered. The insurance company we have partnered with can currently offer coverage for the following eventualities (for more detail on this please contact us directly):

  • Coverage for Travel Delay
  • Coverage for Missed Connection
  • Coverage for Trip Interruption

Overall, there is a positive outlook within the industry and charter agents, management companies, owners and charterers are working together to find amenable solutions for everyone involved.

If I book a yacht charter now, will my contract protect me if I have to cancel because of Coronavirus?

Yes, some owners will agree to have additional clauses added to the contract to ensure that should the situation change, and you cannot participate in your booked charter because of the Coronavirus, you are completely protected. The team at TJB Super Yachts are here to make the negotiations between you and the owner, allowing both parties to cancel without fault. These specialized addendums to the charter contract are being put in place to give you complete peace of mind during this changing situation. In addition, independent insurance firms are offering newly created insurance policies should you decide to cancel your yacht charter, and we are happy to advise on these. There are currently no reasons to change or cancel your summer plans, but should the situation change we want you to feel 100% confident.

Keeping Perspective on a Changing Situation

Everyone in the superyacht industry is taking a pragmatic approach to the spread of the Coronavirus, and keeping abreast of developments as dictated by relevant authorities and governments. We believe it is important not to let media hype affect our decisions, and to look at practical, reasonable and flexible solutions to superyacht charter. If you have any further questions about an existing or future yacht charter please don’t hesitate to get in touch and, in the meantime, roll on summer!

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