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Easy Steps to choose a Superyacht to Charter

With a tremendous exhibit of choice in the superyachts world it can to some degree be rather overwhelming when deciding on a charter. You will have many questions that need answering and also have specific requirements that are important to you when choosing what superyacht you would like to charter.

We are aware of how the process works, with multiple options and different aspects to take into consideration, so with this in mind, to assist you in your decision making we have created an easy to follow guide including some of the questions you can ask yourself to determine your requirements and preferences when choosing a superyacht to charter.

1: The Basics

Very similar to purchasing a house, there are many varieties of superyacht charters available to suit different requirements, preferences and specifications. Having an idea on what you intend to spend, will allow you to narrow your search down to a selection of superyachts in your price range, which is a good place to start.


You may already have an idea on where you would like to go on your charter, or you may be open to suggestions. Wherever you are in your decision making, our brokers are experienced, knowledgeable and will be able to advise you on locations based on what you are hoping for in your trip.

Your Guests

The number and type of your guests will determine the number and type of cabins that you will require. If you have children on board, you are more likely to want twin berth or bunk bed cabins, whereas, if your guests are couples, you may be more interested in looking at a spacious design, ensuring comfort and luxury for everyone.

2: Specific Requirements
Configuration of Cabins

Who you are going to be sharing your superyacht experience with will have an effect on the layout that you prefer. If you have children on board, will you want to have them nearby to you, or are you looking for some distance? Is it important to have space to compensate for the scarcely soundproof bulkheads (walls).

Child Friendly

Some yachts are ideal for children, with safety rails, toys and child-friendly layouts, so mentioning this to your broker at the start will help us to assist you effectively.

Disabled Facilities

Elevators between decks, wider passageways and crew members with training to deal with special needs are also available options in your superyacht charter search.

3: Amenity Ranking

Chefs of all cuisine and speciality are available to you. If you have a preference it is worth checking that this can be accommodated with a particular chef.


Many superyachts are equipped with fantastic gym facilities. Be sure to mention that this is a preference of yours when discussing with your broker.


If you intend to experience some water sports activities on your trip, you can ensure that you have a certified dive master aboard as well as the equipment that you might need.


Smaller boats traditionally have been used to take you to and from your yacht, but helicopters are also an option.

4: Style of Superyacht
Traditional or Modern, Sailing or Motor?

With a multitude of varying styles to choose from you will be able to search for a superyacht that has the decor, furnishing and design that you prefer. Also consider whether you would like to consider a sailing charter yacht, with a crew onboard to help with the legwork with modern electric winches and furling systems.
These tips are designed to start you off in the right direction to choosing the right superyacht charter for you. After you have considered these options please do get in touch. Our brokers are the best people to speak and with a wealth of experience and knowledge in superyacht charters, our team are well placed to take you further through your options and advise you.

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