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Dynamiq’s first Porsche-designed Superyacht

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It is an exciting time for Dynamiq as they are currently constructing their first Porsche-designed GTT 115 superyacht hybrid. The Grand Turismo Transatlantic (GTT) model is set to be a show-stopper of a superyacht, so here we are going to take a closer look at what you can expect from this luxury yacht.

Technical Features

With high-end technical features such as two technical compartments (engine rooms) with twin 45kW Fischer Panda variable speed generators, located in the bow. With this clever layout, the first Porsche-design GTT 115 is able to ensure that at night, the noise is minimal, as well as avoiding the effect of smoke and fumes whilst the superyacht is anchored. This creates a better experience when enjoying swimming or sunbathing whist this luxurious superyacht is anchored also.

Perfect For Enthusiasts Looking To Downsize

The GTT 115 is the perfect option for those superyacht enthusiasts who have already become accustomed to the high-end superyacht market, but are now looking to downsize. Smaller than what they may be used to such as 50/60 metre yachts, the GTT 115 in no way scrimps on luxury and comfort, offering the perfect balance. Italian designer Minotti has also collaborated with the development of the interiors, that offer a tasteful, practical and refined atmosphere.

Limited Edition

There will only be a limited edition of seven GTT 115 Porsche yachts manufactured. This of course makes the model a collector’s item. The first GTT 115 will be internationally debuted this September at the Monaco Yacht Show. This is one of the most prestigious event’s in the superyacht industry and is the go-to place for yacht brokers, buyers, luxury goods firms, designers, equipment manufacturers and yacht builders.

You can take a closer look at the Dynamiq’s first Porsche-designed GTT 115 here on their trailer video.

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