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Fractional Programme Provides Affordable Yacht Alternative

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A new yacht company in Fort Lauderdale is looking to make yacht ownership more affordable by offering fractional ownership schemes.

These programmes provide all the benefits of owning a yacht whilst removing crew issues, maintenance and yacht management; getting all of the pleasure without having to involve themselves in the potential headaches.

Fractional ownership is cost-effective, transparent and simple. They work by enabling the client to purchase shares in the yacht, for example 20% which will allow them access to the super yacht for 6 weeks each year, over a 5 year ownership period. AvYachts says that this will allow clients to enjoy using the super yacht but after the 5-year period they will still see a profit when the boat is sold.

Weekly scheduling, maintenance, payment and rotation of the 5 person crew is all taken care of by AvYachts. The owners are to pay for any incidentals or costs associated with stocking special food or drink during their charters.

The company plans to base yachts in destinations including Monaco, New England, Florida and the Bahamas, enabling the owners to move between destinations and fully enjoy and immerse themselves in the super yacht experience.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option than buying your own super yacht and are researching super yachts to charter please, get in touch. Our brokers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in superyacht charters, and will advise you accordingly. Contact us today. You can call us on +44 207 183 43 93 or email for more information.

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