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Isolation Guide for Superyacht Lovers – Part 3

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While there are still opportunities to charter a superyacht, and indeed many people are choosing to sit out self-isolation and social distancing on a yacht, the coronavirus pandemic has seen many of us stuck at home for extended periods of time. So while most of the world sits in lockdown, dreaming of the days when this is all behind us and we can set sail once more, we thought it was important to bring some relief to the wanderlust we’re all feeling right now.

We’ve looked at superyacht movies and literature to help feed our lust for yachting, but this week we’re going to dive into ways you can start preparing for your next superyacht adventure. With exciting online courses and experts offering training in everything from yoga to photography, you can be primed and ready with a whole new set of skills that will enhance your next superyacht charter.

Learn to Scuba Dive Ready for a Caribbean Superyacht Charter

While learning to scuba dive from your home might seem far-fetched, you can in fact complete all the theory section of PADI’s Open Water Diver course from the comfort of your own home. Via online modules, the eLearning course will get you fully prepared to take your first breaths under water, saving you time when you’re on your charter. Choose a yacht charter with a qualified PADI instructor on board and you can complete the four shallow water dives and four open water dives required for the course and become a fully-certified scuba diver.

The Caribbean is one of the world’s most astounding scuba diving destinations, and a yacht charter there will introduce you to the magical underwater world. From St Lucia’s blaze of colourful corals, to the wrecks of the Cayman Islands, and the sharks of the Bahamas, there is a whole new world awaiting you.

Discover the Mysteries of the Aztecs and Mayans Ready for a Mexico Superyacht Charter

Ancient Mexico is a fascinating and complex era, and you can take a virtual tour of the British Museum’s Mexico exhibit to see precious finds and piece together its long history. Learn about the regional cultures that flourished in what is now Mexico from around 2000 BCE until the conquest of the Aztec Empire by Spain in 1521. Some highlights to look out for are the double-headed serpent mosaic and the Huaztex Goddess sculpture.

A superyacht charter along the Yucatan Peninsula offers day trips to some of the country’s most impressive Mayan and Aztec ruins. Travel by helicopter and spend a day at the vast pyramids of Chichen Itza, or those at Palenque nestled in the jungle. The Tulum ruins make up for their smaller size with their staggering sea views and pretty beach.

Take a Wildlife Photography Course Ready for a Costa Rica Superyacht Charter

Being able to see animals in the wild is one of the most exhilarating and emotional experiences we can have, and to be able to take expert photographs of them allows us to keep those special memories for years to come. Now is a good time to learn to do more than point-and-shoot, and get a firm foundation in the art of wildlife and nature photography. There are many online courses ranging from a few hours to 24-week diploma courses, and university masters programmes, so you can decide how much time you want to dedicate.

Once you’ve perfected the art of photographing the wildlife in your own garden, you will be able to take your new skills on a wildlife-watching superyacht charter in Costa Rica. Cruise the Caribbean coast looking for turtles, alligators and sloths in the jungles, or head to the Pacific side for cloud forests filled with monkeys and the vibrantly-coloured quetzal bird.

Perfect your Yoga Skills Ready for Yoga-Paddleboarding on a Sardinia Superyacht Charter

You may have been perfecting the art of yoga for years, but chances are that yoga-paddleboarding may not be on your radar yet. Paddleboarding requires core strength to paddle gently across pond-calm waters. It is serene and mindful, and a popular activity on superyacht charters. Combine it with yoga however, and you have a truly meditational experience. Whilst total beginners can give yoga-paddleboarding a go, strengthening your core and having an understanding of yoga positions will certainly make the learning curve quicker. There are many excellent online yoga courses to choose from, whether it’s a downloadable course to do in your own time, or a scheduled session with a private instructor.

A superyacht charter in Sardinia is one of the most perfect destinations for yoga-paddleboarding. Cruise down the Costa Smeralda, anchoring in small, sheltered bays with flat-calm water and enjoy the tranquility, sunshine and golden beaches.

To find out more about these charters, or to discover what other adventure-filled destinations you could explore please get in touch. Many of our owners are offering 100% free cancellation policies with all charters booked now, so this is the perfect time to give yourself something to look forward to.

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