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Superyacht Charters: 5 Reasons Why You Should Book Early

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You’ve made that exciting decision to spend your precious holiday time chartering a superyacht. Whether you plan to indulge in some quiet time, take the whole family or party with a big group of friends, it’s time to get planning. And the sooner the better. While it might seem logical to assume that last minute bookings would offer the best value when it comes to superyacht charter, in fact the opposite is true. How far in advance you book doesn’t just affect the cost either, it can have a big impact on factors such as demand on berths affecting your cruising grounds. Booking your superyacht charter early makes far more sense. Here are 5 reasons why;

1. Greater Availability

With the world’s fleet of staggering superyachts to choose from, you’ll have the pick of the bunch if you book early, especially the newest yachts just on the charter market. Your broker can introduce you to yachts which suit your destinations of choice, your budget, the size of your group and your interests. With every detail considered on board a yacht, finding the perfect one to suit you is key to your overall enjoyment, whether it’s the cuisine expertise of the chef, the water toys on offer, the al fresco dining options, or the spa facilities.

2. More Time to Plan

In the same way as you get the pick of the choice of superyachts if you book ahead, you will also get more time to plan your charter. Travel considerations, cruising areas, the food and wine you’d like on board, special activities and more, can all be tailored to perfection. One of the most special things about chartering a superyacht is the freedom you get to decide exactly how to enjoy it. Imagine paddle boarding across Croatia’s glittering, pond calm waters, visiting Spain’s world class restaurants, heading ashore to see magnificent Greek temples or dancing the night away in Miami’s best nightclubs. Whatever you dream of can be collated into the perfect itinerary with time on your side to plan it to perfection.

3. Early Booking Discounts

While there are a select few superyacht owners out there who will offer last minute discounts, perhaps where a rare cancellation has left a peak season gap, you’re more likely to get early booking discounts than late ones. An early booking would also give us as your broker more opportunity to negotiate extras with the yacht owner and management. For example, luxury car transfers, additional water toys or late departure on your final day.

4. Berth Bookings

It is often an assumption that once a superyacht is booked, the rest can be planned in due course. With the high season demand skyrocketing in some of the world’s most popular marinas, getting your cruising itinerary planned and booked early on will save disappointment. Timing is everything, and while there are great offers to be found on shoulder season charters, peak season is busy for a reason. Whether it’s the sunny weather, major events such as the Cannes International Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, or St Barth’s New Year celebrations attract a line-up of superyachts, with some having a waiting list of at least a year.

5. Avoid Price Rises

If a superyacht has had a very successful season with back-to-back charters, it isn’t uncommon for owners to raise the prices leading into the next season. By booking in advance you lock in the current figures and ensure you pay the best price. This is especially likely going into a new year, so now is the perfect time to book your 2020 charters.

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Book Your Superyacht Charter

To get started booking your superyacht charter get in touch with the experienced team at TJB Super Yachts and we’ll begin our search to find the perfect yacht for you. Find out more about the process of chartering a yacht, a sample of the yachts available, destination inspiration, or answers to some our most frequently asked questions. Or drop us a line and we’ll schedule a time to call that works for you. You’re on your way to the superyacht charter of a lifetime.

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