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Why Greece is the perfect Superyacht destination

There are so many beautiful superyacht destinations around the world, but one to add to definitely your bucket list is the fantastic mediterranean destination of Greece. Ranking as one of Europe’s top travel destinations, there is much to behold in the sacred Greek Islands.

The Beauty of Santorini

Experience the beauty of the Santorini beaches and hot springs. Located in the southern point of Cyclades, the island is famous for its fantastic wines, and local cuisine. Santorini also boasts breathtaking views across a submerged volcano. By far the best way to experience Santorini is on the water, enjoying amazing panoramic views, snorkelling and sunbathing in the glorious mediterranean sun.

The culture of Athens

Enjoy the ancient Greek religion, culture and history of the Greek capital, and largest city in Greece, Athens. The most famous site in Athens is Acropolis, one of the worlds must see archaeological treasures. The large hill lies in the centre of the city, containing a cluster of ancient ruins. The Acropolis museum itself is beautifully constructed and offers further opportunities to learn about the individual structures within the Acropolis.

The scenery of Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and offers a contrast between coastline, rugged mountains and rolling countryside. With a mixture of busy cities to quieter villages, the culture of outdoor coffee shops is rife here and offers a pleasant variety of cultural traits including poetry and music.

Milos’ volcanic rock formations

Milos is a volcanic Greek island, famed for its natural beauty and once the home to the famous statue of Aphrodite (Venus de Milo). With around 70 beaches to choose from, all of them sheltered, quiet and serene, you can be sure to find your ideal spot. The beautiful Kleftiko Bay, located on the south west of the island is a place of amazing rock formations and crystal waters. which is practically inaccessible by land.

The nightlife of Mykonos

Known as one of the best places to visit if you are looking for fantastic nightlife, Mykonos has much to offer. Not far from the marina, on Psarou Beach you will find Nammos Beach Bar that has become a popular meeting place for socialising. In the day it serves as a lounge bar and a nightclub in the evening.

With so many other fantastic locations around Greece to explore, such as Folegandros, Sifnos, Amorgos, Andros and Tinos, to name but a few, a superyacht charter to Greece will be sure to be everything you hope. With an exceptional mix of culture, great cuisine, sheltered beaches and nightlife, it really does have it all. Once you have experienced a Mediterranean Superyacht Charter to Greece it is likely that you will want to return, with so much to see and do.

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