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Working from Sea: Why Charter Yachts are the Office You’ve been Searching for

The last year has seen the world of business move almost completely online. With borders closed, air travel disrupted and the need to be cautious in our face-to-face to encounters, online meetings and remote working have become the new normal. Yet staring at the same four walls days in and day out can get tiresome. A change of scenery can inject some much-needed motivation into remote working, and what could be more scenic than gazing out of the floor to ceiling windows of a superyacht at the glittering blue seascape stretching before you?

Superyacht charters are offering a remote working environment which is both quiet and productive, but which also enriches the soul. During office hours, business can be conducted in privacy and solitude, but when it’s time to unwind, it is but a few steps to a lavish meal on the deck as the sun melts into the sea. With water sports to master, the very finest in on board amenities to enjoy, healthy chef-prepared meals and the safety we all desire in these times, a superyacht is more than a holiday.

Office on Superyacht SERENITY

An office with a view

While larger superyachts have long had a designated office space, smaller yachts are being designed or refitted to accommodate this important space as the needs for remote working get ever more pressing. Yacht offices are characterised by their calming décor, with rich textures, elegant yet unfussy furnishings and plenty of natural light. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows allow light to flood the space, whilst allowing guests to feel the serenity of being at sea. Fold-out superyacht terraces increase this sense of being at one with the ocean, while others can be converted into formal meeting rooms or even small cinema spaces. Often found tucked alongside the master cabin, offices are designed to offer a quiet haven irrelevant of what other guests are doing on the yacht.

Staying connected at sea

Strong internet connection is no longer a bonus on superyachts, but a prerequisite. Long gone are the days of patchy signals and weak Wi-Fi, and the marine communications developers have raised the bar when it comes to providing yachts with lightning-fast speeds. The range of packages varies hugely, and your broker can ensure you get the right system for how you use technology. There is little more frustrating than frozen Zoom calls and slow internet speeds. Superyachts now offer options including multiple Wi-Fi zones throughout the yacht to ensure a strong signal, as well as separate accounts for guests and crew to ensure total privacy. Where you’re cruising and how much mobile phone or internet connectivity you will need will play a role in what type of connections will be most appropriate and therefore which yachts are most suitable for you.  

Office on Superyacht O'PTASIA

Home schooling the kids – real life lessons

Whether your children’s schools are closed during a lockdown, or it’s the school holidays, education aboard a long-term superyacht charter is both possible and mind-expanding. Imagine their joy as they learn first-hand about the geography and geology of the world and its oceans, about the wonders of undersea biology, or about the science of navigation. Yacht crews, while not designated nannies or tutors, are happy to share their expertise with younger guests, and there are crews where scuba diving instructors or marine biologists can impart lifelong lessons. Whether it’s wildlife spotting, photography, World War II wrecks or the engineering side of running a superyacht, this is a wonderful time to allow your children to learn lessons which will open their eyes and start lifelong passions.

Out of office – leisure time on a superyacht

The work-life balance can be a tricky one to get right, and this is especially so when working from home during a pandemic. The days easily blur into one another and switching off from work and focusing on family life becomes a difficult line to find. On a superyacht, calling it a day on work and succumbing to the lure of leisure time is easy. Imagine finishing work and diving straight off the swim platform into the cooling ocean. Or of working out in the gym with views of sandy beaches stretching before you. From the toy lockers bursting with water sports equipment, to indoor leisure including cinemas and spas, a superyacht will make sure you leave the work stresses in the office.

Office on Superyacht O'MATHILDE

The ability to combine this kind of lifestyle in one place is unique to a superyacht. Their ability to be self-sufficient, COVID-safe and entertaining, as well as nurturing a professional work environment is making long-term yacht charters a more enticing possibility than ever before. To find out more, please get in touch with TJB Super Yachts’ team of experienced brokers and find out how the yacht owners we work are creating flexible and fair contracts during this time of uncertainty.

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