Lewis Silkin - Superyacht Investor Conference | TJB Super Yachts

We are thrilled to be featured in Lewis Silkin’s article outlining the key outtakes from the 2023 Superyacht Investor Conference. The event unfolded as a compass guiding superyacht owners toward the future, and at its helm was our distinguished broker, Advait Deodhar. With a keen eye on the ever-evolving industry landscape, Advait played a pivotal role in uncovering the key takeaways for superyacht owners, charting a course toward maximizing emerging trends.

In a charter market that has witnessed unprecedented growth, Advait underscored the unrelenting charter boom in 2022, highlighting that the tides show no signs of receding in 2023. Key insights from the conference revealed that Greece remains the preeminent charter destination, yet, emerging opportunities are captivating owners in the West Mediterranean, fueled by innovative contracts like the ‘Cruise Contract.’

Adventurous charters are surging in popularity, with explorer yachts redefining luxury by offering unique experiences. Moreover, the industry is steering towards sustainability, embracing eco-friendly technologies. Lastly, industry-only events like MYBA enable brokers to fully immerse themselves, ensuring clients can confidently navigate the evolving seascape of luxury yachting.

The Superyacht Investor Conference 2023 marked a turning point, where the collective vision of industry leaders, epitomized by Advait, illuminated the path to a prosperous future for superyacht owners worldwide.

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