SuperYacht Times – Tim Johnson | TJB Super Yachts

Step into the world of yachting entrepreneurship with this captivating SuperYacht Times article featuring Tim Johnson, the visionary behind TJB Super Yachts. Delve into the story of his rise in the industry and his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional luxury yacht experiences. From humble beginnings to building a renowned brand, learn about the challenges, successes, and insights that have shaped Tim’s entrepreneurial path. Gain valuable perspectives on the yachting industry, innovation, and creating unforgettable moments for discerning clients. This article provides a unique glimpse into the mind of a successful entrepreneur in yachting and highlights the remarkable achievements of TJB Super Yachts under Tim Johnson’s leadership. 

The role and the industry were everything I had wanted from a job. I love being able to work directly with clients and charter offers such diversity that it never gets boring. No one charter is the same, every client is different, with different demands and expectations and in that same way every yacht is also different. Every vessel has a unique character and offering and that is something I have always found fascinating; pairing the right client with the right yacht.” 

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