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We are delighted to have been featured in Travel & Leisure Asia, as they explore the growing luxury yacht market in Southeast Asia; with projections soaring to USD 1,249.5 million by 2028. Advait Deodhar, Senior Yacht Sales and Charter Broker at TJB Super Yachts, highlights the surge in disposable incomes among Asian buyers, leading to a heightened desire for exploration, comfort, and privacy by yacht. “Over the past few years and following pandemic travel restrictions, there’s been an increased desire to explore the world’s hidden, most exotic corners and discover Southeast Asia’s untapped beauty, with many high-worth travellers choosing to do so by yacht for utmost comfort, privacy, and control,” says Advait Deodhar.

The article highlights Southeast Asia’s allure as a luxury yachting destination, driven by pristine island destinations and successful yacht shows, where high-net-worth individuals flock to embrace the emerging market. Southeast Asia’s unique challenges in size and construction trends are also discussed, with customization playing a pivotal role in satisfying the region’s discerning yacht owners.

Advait Deodhar’s insights reflect the region’s shift towards genuine pleasure usage, water sports, and regional cruising, making Southeast Asia the ‘it’ destination for luxury yacht enthusiasts.

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