Forbes India – Rich Millennials | TJB Super Yachts

Advait Deodhar, Senior Sales and Charter Broker at TJB Super Yachts provides his perspective on the remarkable transformation the luxury yacht industry is undergoing, driven by a new generation of affluent individuals: the rich millennials. This thought-provoking article by Forbes India explores how these young and wealthy individuals are reshaping the yacht industry’s landscape. Advait coneys his expertise, “Travel, technology, privacy and a sense of adventure are some of the key driving factors making this demographic growth in the industry.” 

Gone are the days when yachts were seen merely as status symbols or possessions; rich millennials are approaching yacht ownership with a fresh perspective, demanding sustainability, innovation, and unique experiences. Review the shifting paradigms of luxury yachting, uncovering the key trends, investments, and expectations driving this new era. From eco-friendly design to technology integration and immersive travel experiences, discover how younger generations are challenging conventions and steering the luxury yacht industry toward a more exciting and sustainable future.

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