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Charlie Hayward

Sales & Charter Broker

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Charlie Hayward, TJB Super Yachts Team

Charlie’s career as one of the industry’s most experienced yacht brokers started when he was just 15 and found himself in Greece on his family’s yacht. He spent summers learning every aspect of running a busy marina and, after university, he moved to Greece and opened his own brokerage in Athens. Charlie has developed a large network of relationships with ship owners, captains, and crews over his 8 years at the helm of his superyacht brokerage. From the Ionian to the Cyclades, he ventured to every island, and he is eager to share my insider knowledge and assist clients in creating individual and unique routes and itineraries.

Fast forward to today and Charlie’s understanding of both the superyacht industry and most importantly the clients he works with, is exceptional. His enthusiasm is contagious, and Charlie has a genuine and obvious love for the yachting lifestyle. When asked what his favourite aspect of the industry was, Charlie said it was the fast-moving pace of the industry, a clear example of Charlie’s dedication to staying ahead of the game and ensuring his clients get the best yachts, service and overall charter experience. All of us at TJB are excited to have Charlie on the team and know our clients will be the ones benefitting most from his energy and experience.


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Telephone: +44 7964 979 137

Languages: Greek, English

Location: London (UK) and Greece


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While all charter brokerages can offer the same products, what truly sets us apart is the boutique nature of the company which allows the brokers to work intimately with each client. Ultimately, the client’s deciding factor when searching for a broker comes down to the service provided and the potential trust created with the broker and that is something which we value strongly at TJB. Creating that relationship with our clients ensures we can find them the perfect charters. 

Again, the relationship that I build with my clients is what drives me most and what I find the most satisfying. Selling and chartering yachts is challenging even in a strong market but acquiring new clients and having existing ones come back to use our services again and again is what drives me. I am ambitious and strive to offer the very best service possible and am always looking to the future and how I can stay on top of industry developments.  

I am extremely proud of the fact that TJB Super Yachts has now completed in excess of 850 booked charters. This is a huge achievement and shows not only how hard we all work, but how much our clients appreciate our dedicated and forward-thinking approach. 

I believe the most important criteria for a perfect superyacht charter is a well-integrated crew who understand fully their roles and the needs of their individual guests. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to service on a superyacht so it’s vital that the crew is adaptable to the wishes of the guests to ensure they get exactly the kind of charter they want.  

A good broker plays a role in advising the captain and crew in advance of their client’s wishes. Through engaging with our clients, we can find out what they have and haven’t experienced before when chartering, allowing the captain to pre-empt their needs and ensure they have a remarkable experience.  

Lastly, it is vital to have a professional broker who has foreseen and dealt with any potential issues that may arise over the week, leaving the client worry-free and able to enjoy the charter.  Our job doesn’t stop until the clients leave the vessel.  

What is your favourite cruising destination and why? 

My favourite manufacturer is Itamaas their Italian style and elegant lines leave nothing to be desired. They manage to balance the difficult skill of maintaining a signature style whilst constantly producing new and exciting models. 

The most important thing for me personally would not be to lose all the exterior volume on the bow with tenders and toys. This is an important space on a yacht and should be open and free to enjoy – and ideally met with a private master cabin on the main deck. For me the outside space on a yacht is the most important and where I would spend most of my time and I would choose a design which maximizes that space.  

Ensure you have a trusted broker to negotiate on your behalf and who fully understands, not only the market, but your own personal needs. By creating that important relationship and being open and trusting with your broker, they will in turn be able to put the most relevant yachts in front of you.   

I have never had the chance to work with a team of brokers which adds a new level of motivation and healthy competition…until now! 

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