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George Brotherton, TJB Super Yachts Team

After graduating from Plymouth University, gaining a degree in Maritime Business and Maritime Law in 2018, George joined the TJB team. Through loyalty, hard work and dedication, he is now a full-time charter broker.

Working in an environment where clients come from all four corners of the globe appeals to George’s well-travelled background. Having spent formative years living in New York with his family and regularly visiting favourites such as Los Angeles, Dubai and Central America, his passion for travel transcends seamlessly into this chosen career path, highlighting the joy he brings to his work.

Combined with his educational achievements, passion and creativity, also comes his competitiveness. Being a keen golfer and footballer, both on and off the pitch, George puts 100% into every opportunity which comes his way.

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Telephone: +44 7950 461136

Languages: English

Location: London, UK


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We have a young, dynamic team at TJB Super Yachts who pride themselves on working together to achieve the best for all clients. It isn’t a competitive atmosphere, and everyone’s 24/7 approach shows what a strong work ethic we all have, and how we put the clients first. Add to that the emphasis that the company places on advanced technology and it’s an impressive formula.

I love helping people plan and create a remarkable experience, from the very first call to disembarking after a successful and unforgettable charter. I really enjoy working with people from all over the world too, getting to know different cultures not just through my clients, but the captains and crews of the yachts we work so closely with. I feel incredibly lucky to work within such a dynamic industry, with the most luxurious and incredible product in the world. To travel to the yachts and see the engineering which goes into them is amazing. Every day as a superyacht broker is completely different, and it’s that which drives me and makes me love my job so much. 

For me the highest accomplishment is knowing that my clients are happy with their charter. I put all my energy and passion into creating the perfect, bespoke charter for them and when I get outstanding feedback it is all the validation I need that I am doing a good job.

The crew, the chef and the destination. Never underestimate a good crew who can accommodate each guest’s wishes and create magical memories. We spend time getting to know the crew aboard the yachts we recommend which helps us match our clients with the perfect team. It might be water sports instructors, massage therapists or a crew who are especially good with children. The right chef is also invaluable. We make sure that the chef can cater to the tastes of the guests, whether it’s vegan cuisine, healthy foods or exquisite fine dining. And of course, the destination plays a huge role in ensuring the perfect charter. From the weather to the scenery, the culture, restaurants, activities and nightlife, we make sure to recommend the destination which suits all the guests’ interests. 

I simply love Croatia as a cruising destination. It has the perfect balance of rustic charm, with little islands and quaint fishing villages, combined with luxury and a touch of glamour. It’s relaxing yet there is plenty going on if you want it, and the coast is spectacular. 

I’d have to say Benetti, as many of my favourite yachts on the charter market are built by them. They have unrivalled quality mixed with an incredible, long-standing history and impressive engineering. They make for spectacular charter yachts. 

As I believe the crew are the most important aspect of a yacht charter, I would ensure that the crew was the perfect fit for me and my guests. It doesn’t matter which yacht you are on if you have a good crew! 

I would definitely recommend chartering a few yachts before you buy as it’s the only way to experience first-hand the different sizes and styles of the yachts. There are so many builders to choose from, with thousands of yachts on the market, so it’s by far the best way to narrow down what you do and don’t like before making a big commitment. 

By the age of 18 I had lived in 12 different places, spending my childhood relocating to different cities with my father’s job. I spent my formative years in New York and Connecticut before moving back to London to finish school and university. So, I’m pretty well-travelled! 

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