Five brilliant reasons to charter a yacht off-season

Off-season yacht charter

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George Brotherton has a degree in Maritime Business and Maritime Law. It is safe to say that George understands a thing or two about the complexities of the yachting industry and how to get the best value for his yachting clients. George joined TJB Super Yachts as a yacht charter broker over four years ago. He is known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the world’s 3000+ fleet of yachts for charter. George’s clients trust him to design yachting adventures with excellent value without compromising comfort or experience. 

George will always suggest ways for his clients to get the best value from their yacht charters. Here are his top five benefits of low-season yacht charters.


Cost savings for low-season yacht charters can equate to over 150,000 Euros. With this in mind, chartering your favourite superyacht in the off-peak season doesn’t sound like a bad idea. More often than not, yacht charters in the festive seasons of Christmas and New Year are 60% more than the low-season rate. 

“Book a Mediterranean yacht charter in the last week of June and it could be 40% less expensive than a charter in the first week of July. It is the same yacht, the same crew, the same destination and pretty much the same weather – just a week difference and almost half the price!” – George Brotherton 

Take a look at some of these yacht charter cost savings – the numbers speak for themselves!

In July and August, the Mediterranean heaves with sunseekers. Greece receives close to a million tourists every week in July; the numbers are similar in Spain and France. A Mediterranean yacht charter in Spring or Autumn comes with a fraction of the crowds and cost. The weather is warm, and yachts that have little availability for the summer are now available for your dream yacht charter. 

Four yacht charters with excellent off-season rates in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Bahamas.


Before the yachting season starts in earnest, Captain and crew are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. There’s an air of excitement on board as the crew prepares for the busy yachting season ahead. Whilst you should always expect your Captain and crew to go above and beyond, there’s a palpable energy on board at the start of the yachting season. The same goes for the local restaurants and beach clubs on land. The waiters have had a good rest and are ready to work. 


Some of the most extraordinary marine life can be seen in the lower season. This is true for the humpback whale migration in the Pacific, orcas in Scandinavia and whale sharks in Belize – all best outside of the busy cruising season. What’s more, with fewer boats on the water, you have a better chance of experiencing magnificent marine parks and scenic anchorages yourself. TJB’s yacht brokers are avid scuba divers. They have excellent knowledge of the seasons for wildlife diving cruises. From the Maldives to Raja Ampat, our yacht brokers know where to find underwater wonders in the low cruising season.


The Caribbean

In August, islands across the Caribbean celebrate Emancipation Day. On islands such as St Kitts, Anguilla and Jamaica, a vibrant Caribbean atmosphere marks this important moment in history. TJB Super Yachts can arrange a visit to charming Caribbean villages with a local guide to experience the roots and history of these celebrations. It’s a great way to add some history and authentic culture to your yacht charter in the Caribbean.

The French Riviera 

In September, the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show take place for a global snapshot of the best of the yachting industry. October is wine harvest season in Provence, and we can arrange a day trip to some of the best vineyards in the region. If you want to include some time at a luxury villa before or after your yacht charter, visit our sister company, TJB Private Travel for our Mediterranean property collection.    


Some of the most popular yachts in the fleet are fully booked for the peak season 9-12 months in advance. If you want flexibility on dates and a wider pool of choice, off-season yacht charters are worth considering. 

Geco is one of our favourite yachts for charter, and she is often fully booked months in advance for the high season. With lower prices and better availability in shoulder seasons, she is a great option for a yacht charter in the Mediterranean in Spring or Autumn.


Mediterranean: May to June or September to October

Caribbean: January to March or August to October

Asia and Australasia: As a general rule, avoiding Christmas and New Year comes with significant price savings. July and August are peak season sailing months in the South Pacific.

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