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Nino De Matola

Charter Broker

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Telephone: +39 331 440 8791

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Position: Charter Broker

Location: Italy

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How I got here

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With a background spanning almost a decade in the luxury hotel industry, I decided to venture into the captivating world of superyachts. Transitioning into the role of a yacht executive concierge, I honed my skills in organizing guest requests, from reservations to entertainment and excursions. This journey has allowed me to gather an invaluable collection of knowledge and expertise. Drawing on my extensive experience, I am now perfectly positioned to deliver unparalleled yacht charter experiences.

Nino De Matola, Yacht Broker

My passions

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I have a natural affinity to the water, so when I am not planning my clients’ charters, I love to explore the Italian coastline by boat, swimming and water sports. On land, I play tennis and football to keep fit, and enjoy a glass of wine whilst watching the sunset.


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When it comes to choosing a superyacht broker, TJB Super Yachts stands out as the top choice. With a solid understanding of client charter requirements, I go above and beyond to exceed expectations and bring smiles to my clients’ faces. My passion for the yachting industry, dedication to planning perfect holidays for clients, professionalism, and fun-filled approach make me an ideal fit for the team. By choosing TJB Super Yachts, you can expect a seamless and unforgettable journey on the water.


TJB Expands

Mid-way through 2022, TJB embarked on a significant international expansion and are delighted to welcome new team members in the US, across Europe, and most recently, down-under in Australia.

My favourite cruising destination

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While it’s challenging to pick just a few, some of my favourite cruising destinations include the stunning Mediterranean coastline, where you can experience the allure of picturesque islands and vibrant coastal towns – especially the Amalfi Coast. I highly recommend Cesar Augustus for sundowners, and La Fontelina beach club for more of a buzz in Capri. Il Cantuccio Nerano is a must-visit for divine food on the mainland coast.

Another gem is the Caribbean, with its crystal-clear turquoise waters and secluded beaches, offering a tropical paradise like no other. Lastly, exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the South Pacific islands promises a truly awe-inspiring yachting experience, surrounded by natural beauty and serenity.