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Renée Dyson

Head of Marketing

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Telephone: +44 7840 849042

Languages: English

Position: Head of Marketing

Location: United Kingdom

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Over the past two decades, I’ve immersed myself in various marketing roles within luxury and specialized travel brands. My journey began with a tailor-made travel specialist, and then led me to a polar expedition cruise innovator. After years of contributing to a handful of renowned brands, I felt the need to venture into new horizons outside of tour operating. I sought an industry that could continue to excite and inspire me. Yachting seemed like the perfect fit. It allowed me to apply my expertise in selling high-end travel experiences while offering something uniquely different.


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Beyond the confines of my professional life, I thrive on staying active and relishing the outdoors. My heart belongs to the South Coast, where my family resides. There, I indulge in the simple joys of life, whether it’s a leisurely coastal walk or savoring a G&T while witnessing the sun sink into the horizon. I’m also deeply passionate about culinary arts. As an avid cook and food enthusiast, staying active becomes essential to balance my love for gastronomy.

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My decision to join TJB Super Yachts was profoundly influenced by the vibrant energy and enthusiasm exuded by the entire team, both within the marketing department and the broader organisation. However, what truly captivated me was the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and technology. As someone deeply passionate about digital technologies in marketing, this approach resonated with my professional aspirations. My conviction in choosing TJB Super Yachts was solidified during my initial days, where I underwent an immersive induction at the Cannes Yachting Festival. It became abundantly clear that I had made the right choice.


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Reflecting on my extensive travels, one destination stands out among the rest – the Norwegian Fjords. Cruising through these majestic fjords was an unforgettable experience, etched into my memory as one of my most cherished travel adventures. The sheer enormity of the landscapes is awe-inspiring, matched only by the unparalleled beauty of the destination. What continues to astonish me is the proximity of this natural wonder to London – a mere two-hour flight – yet it feels incredibly remote and otherworldly, making it a truly exceptional cruising destination.