2019 Interviews with the TJB Super Yachts Team - Part 2

2019 Round Up Interviews with the TJB Super Yachts Team: Part 2

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As we look back on a busy year of superyacht charters across the globe we have been chatting to our hard-working specialists about what they think makes the perfect yacht charter. Here we talk to two of TJB Super Yacht’s most experienced brokers, Advait Deodhar and Roy Posthuma, and get the low down from the people who know best.

What has been your favourite charter yacht of 2019?


I’ve booked this yacht multiple times and, once again, it proved to be a good choice! I personally think it’s one of the most underrated 60 metre yachts on the market. Captain Nikos is one of the coolest and nicest captains to deal with and the clients absolutely love him. He runs a very professional setup onboard and leads a friendly and well trained crew. He’s accommodating, easy going and a real ‘yes man’. The yacht has a beautiful interior, enormous exterior deck space and beach club, and offers excellent value for the price. There’s a reason why a lot of my clients keep coming back to this same yacht.


Excellence is a special, one of a kind design, something which hasn’t been done before. The French style windows covering two floors and her plumb bow make her a unique vessel and she offers something different to the charter market for the discerning client.

Which charter yacht would you most recommend for 2020?


They’ve been on my bucket list to charter ever since I got into the industry. Savannah really needs no explanation as to why it’s at the top of my list. The magnificent 84 metre yacht is first eco-friendly yacht built by Feadship and offers an unparalleled experience.

Icon is one of the first yachts I viewed at the Monaco Yacht Show after joining the industry. I fell in love with her from the moment I stepped on board. The yacht and crew have also had excellent references from other brokers so I know it’s a good choice and look forward to booking it soon.


It’s great to see a brand new 55 metre yacht built by the renowned shipyard Admiral available for charter in the Greek Waters. Especially since the supply of Greek flagged vessels is small, and their average age is a bit higher comparing to other regions.

What is your favourite charter destination?


The Ionian Islands have some of the clearest water in the Mediterranean, are far away from the hustle and bustle and full of drop dead gorgeous hidden beaches and coves to anchor in. People who want to enjoy their time with family onboard, away from crowds, choose the Ionian Islands. For me one of the coolest things in Greece in general is how close the yacht can pull up to the rocks / beach at anchor! One of my clients on a 50 metre sent me drone pictures of them tied up less than 30 metres away from the shore. The crew then setup an amazing beach barbecue on this private beach for the guests. There’s nowhere else in the Mediterranean where you can pull this off. That’s why the Ionian is at the top of my list.


The nature in Croatia is still pretty much untouched compared to other destinations in Europe. Her calm seas in combination with the perfect summer weather (barely any rain) make it the best charter destination.

Who is your favourite yacht builder?


I appreciate top notch Dutch quality which these builders have been delivering over the years. Feadship works on an individual project basis, therefore every yacht produced by this esteemed yard is unique, has been built to the owners specific requirements and to an exceptionally high standard.

I’m a big fan of the Amels 180’ Limited Series. They’ve proved over the past years that they’re an excellent platform for both private and charter use.


Heesen constantly deliver on high quality yachts but at a reasonable price level. Their designs are pretty much timeless as well.

Which 3 things do you feel make a perfect superyacht charter?


  1. A good crew is the first and foremost requirement for a good charter. An experienced, highly trained and fun crew is always what I look for when recommending a yacht to a client. The crew makes or breaks a charter
  2. Picking the right yacht which I believe will suit the clients’ specific needs. It’s not always the most expensive yacht in their budget but the yacht with the right crew, right size and right amenities onboard.
  3. A tailor made itinerary and good weather


  1. I consider a great group of guests as the most important during your charter.
  2. Visiting the most secluded bays the broker and captain can find in order to get a true away-from-it-all experience.
  3. Good weather!

What are your personal specialities as a charter broker?

Advait: I thoroughly enjoy the job and so it’s in my very best interest that my clients have a great time and that all my charters are a success. A happy client equals a happy broker. I ensure that I visit as many yacht shows as possible per year so that I can inspect the yachts, meet the crew and perform thorough inspections. That way, when proposing a yacht to a client, I have confidence in putting forth specific yachts which I know will guarantee a successful charter.

I like to build up a rapport with clients on a more personal level and not just rely on a broker – client relationship. This builds trust, which is vital in an industry such this. I’m always transparent with clients, I guide first time charterers to ensure that they’re comfortable with the process and am always available on phone / email. I won’t recommend the most expensive yacht to a client, but instead I’ll recommend the yacht which I believe is best suited to them.

Roy: I have a lot of on the ground experience, spend a lot of time on the yachts I recommend and get to know the captains and crew. I also love to travel to the popular charter destinations and try out the best locations and clubs which I use to advise my clients where to go. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it!

Advait Deodhar
Advait Deodhar
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